News soon, don’t worry ;-)

•03/03/2020 • 16 Comments

I’m still very much alive and still working on this when I get time.

I’ve been working on a new post for ages now, but I don’t get enough time to get it completed and when I come back to it things change and it’s not relevant anymore.

I’ll drop one little huge hint of the news coming, and when I get a chance I’ll post something substantial and explain it all.

If you’re a DayZ player, have a search for a server called Trespassing..



•01/08/2018 • 23 Comments

Hello everyone, thank you for the messages and emails.

No, this project is not dead, neither am I.

I’m just super, super busy and when I do have some free time I’m usually spending it on anything but on my PC. Also, I haven’t had a chance to touch my PC, because my office is full of boxes and other junk as we are in the final days of moving house.

You have to understand I work nights and look after my son during the day. I’m not about to prioritise the project over my real life, it can wait.

The last work I did on my PC was installing a new HD and upgrading to Windows 10, which was the worst upgrade I’ve ever done. Windows 10 has been such a pain in the arse it’s not funny. Not only was there a lot of software and drivers I’ve had issues with, I’ve also had issues with hardware not being compatible. It’s been a nightmare. I’m seriously considering downgrading once the move is done, so I can actually get some work done when I get a chance. I have done some work on the project since the last post, but nothing worth sharing right now.

At some point my son will have a day or two in childcare and when that happens I’ll have some real free time to devote to the project. It’s just not something I can or want to throw little 30 minutes sessions at.

My son is yelling at me and pulling at my shirt as I type this so I’ll wrap this up. Thanks again for continuing to follow the project and thanks to all new visitors!

Chat soon!

I made the highest quality asset ever.

•29/07/2017 • 18 Comments

I had a new post I was working on that would have been posted by now, but Monday a little thing happened that kinda interrupted that. 

I’m a dad!

Monday 24th of July at 3:20pm my Son, Miles William Ellis was born.

He’s our first child and he’s about as cute and perfect as could be. We often joked about what we would do if he turned out to be a weird looking baby, but we somehow managed to make a real cutey!

In the post i was working on, I was talking about how his arrival would make my time precious and highlight the benefits of the recent changes I’d made to optimise time and productivity.  I think for the next couple of weeks, it’s going to take a while to settle into a sleeping routine so I can dedicate some time to working on it.

I won’t go into details about what I’ve been doing, I’ll save that for it’s own post.

Rest assured I’m still working on this, I’ve just made a few changes to keep my motivation and productivity levels up, and it’s definitely helped.

A big thanks for the continued support, your emails and comments are very much appreciated!

HTC Vive

•07/01/2017 • 25 Comments

I noticed the picture from the previous post was no longer showing up so i had to fix the link. I thought i might as well make a quick post while I’m at it.

I got to spend about 15 minutes demoing an HTC Vive yesterday and came very close to buying one.

I have to wait just a couple of months before i can though, so we can pay off a bit of our Japan holiday debt and then i can pull the trigger. I’ve been given permission by the wife too, so i’ll live to post about it!

If you haven’t tried the Vive i suggest you check it out. Its so far ahead of the rest its not funny. I left the demo without a hint of motion sickness, yet my Oculus DK1 left me feeling so sick, it got to the point where i couldn’t even look at it without feeling queasy. This is why I ended up selling it.

I’ll go into more details about it another day, but one thing i will say, its made me rethink quite a lot of aspects of the project.

Merry Christmas

•22/12/2016 • 11 Comments

Yes I’m still alive and yes I’m still working on this.

A big thanks to everyone who’s still following and sending emails and posting comments.

Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe over the holiday season.

I promise you’ll see and hear more from me in the new year.

Out at Sea

First Raptor

•29/03/2016 • 23 Comments

First Raptor

This is the location of the first raptor encounter.

Instead of that bizarre see-saw bridge, i’ve made a more realistic wooden bridge, and put it on an angle that meets up with the road properly.

The supply cabinet is still there, but instead of just sitting on the ground, it now has a concrete base.

Oh, and this probably wont be where you meet your first rapotor.


•25/03/2016 • 9 Comments

Hello everyone! Remember me? 🙂

I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years, mine was a bit of a quiet one, but enjoyable all the same.

Sorry for the complete lack of updates, i have no excuses other than i’ve been busy doing other things. I’m still very much working on this, i just haven’t had as much time to devote to it as usual.

I went on a holiday at the end of January to Bali for a week, with the Wife and her family. Apart from the 95-100% humidity every day, it was pretty spectacular and gave me a lot of ideas for this project. The place is a paradise and the vegetation is absolutely spectacular. It was pretty amazing that in all the time i spent googling high res images of the trees and plants in Trespasser (so i could make new ones), several of the hardest species to find, were actually growing in the retreat we stayed at! I did not have an actual camera with me for this holiday, only my iPhone, but i did take a few photos i hope to use as textures for new models.

Here’s a panorama of the retreat where we stayed, its called Umalas:

Umalas Retreat

Here’s a link the the whole album if you want a look:

My last post way back in December was about the InGen white utility vehicle model i had been working on. I wasn’t working as efficiently or at a quality i was happy with, so I decided to put it on hold and go off to learn a little bit more about modeling, baking normals, and creating physically based materials. I haven’t got anything to show that’s related to this project, but i did create some pretty nice Doom related textures and models. I dont really want to post Doom stuff here, as i’d prefer to keep it strictly Trespasser related, but it would be nice to have all my projects and interests in one place. If you would like to see the Doom stuff i’ve made so far, you can see it here:

I’ve been using Quixel to produce PBR based materials. Its a really awesome tool and allows for some incredibly fast asset creation. I’ll be using it to texture a lot of my non-organic models, such as vehicles and smaller man made objects. The white InGen vehicle will be the first Trespasser model i texture with Quixel, as i think it will look amazing. No word on when that will be though.

In the small amount of time i’ve spent on Trespassing, i’ve been filling out the surrounding hills and cleaning up the Town layout a bit. I think the layout is a really nice mixture of the original town, the compound seen in the second film as well as aspects from the book, the Trespasser walk-through document and some all new elements. It should provide a nice balance of fresh exploration and nostalgia.

I dont have anything all that new to show, but i do have a couple of shots taken near the beach construction area that look a lot better now that the surrounding hills are covered in vegetation. Once i get some more work done, ill start to post some more regular updates.



InGen Utility Vehicle WIP

•13/12/2015 • 11 Comments

I needed a break from level editing, so I started work on a high poly model of the white utility vehicle.

InGen Vehicle WIP

I started it friday night and have been focusing on creating a somewhat realistic chassis and underbody. I still have a lot to make, but its getting there. Its not a driving sim so it wont be 100% realistic compared to a real car, it just needs to be sufficiently plausible. I’ll make an engine too, but keeping it faithful, it will be removable along with the doors and bonnet / hood and bumpers. The seat can come out too for a really stripped out version.

InGen Vehicle WIP

InGen Vehicle WIP

InGen Vehicle WIP

The glove box will open so you can check it for items, and the gap under the seat will be a nice place to find stashed goodies too. The sun visors will function as well. The walkthrough mentioned finding gate codes written on them, so that will be a nice detail to add.

The design is based on the original Trespasser model rather than the real life car it was loosely based on. There’s a lot of changes between the Trespasser model and the real life car, and i want it to stay true to the original.

Just off the Jungle Road..

•10/12/2015 • 2 Comments

Just off the Jungle Road

A quick one..

•09/12/2015 • 3 Comments

The weathers been pretty hot lately, so instead of going outside and mulching the garden like i should, i’ve been inside attending to Site B’s virtual garden.

I spent most of today getting my head around the built-in LOD generator in Cryengine. There was some hair pulling and a lot of head scratching, but i figured out what the issues were and managed to wipe off about 10-15fps in the most intense scenes. I’ve still got about 6-7 vegetation species to generate LOD’s for, and i haven’t yet touched any other objects, so there should be further improvements yet.

I’ve also got to learn how to create “Automerged” vegetation, so instead of the engine rendering thousands of individual instances of grass, it uses voxels to merge them all into one instance, rendering them all just once. Very cool.

This will be awesome for covering the Plains with grass, and hopefully the balance of density, quality and draw distance can be tuned just right so it appears to never end.

Early tests are looking good so far!