New Look

Just a quick update to go with a slightly updated look for this page.

The previous design was a retro mac style design that i thought was similar to an idea i had for an old-school InGen computer system design. The idea was that the website would look like you were trying to log into the InGen computer network on Site B. The retro mac design was probably a bit hardcore and i should have changed it ages ago, but anyway.

The header image is is made up of a CryEngine 3 SDK image that was released a long time ago. Its of the demo map that comes with the SDK and i think its a lovely shot that represents the level of detail i’ll be aiming for. The dino image is an image i have no idea who created. I did a lot of searching for the author but had no luck finding them. If anyone knows who the artist responsible is, be sure to let me know so i can ask permission and give credit etc.

I have been working steadily on the island, making new areas, fixing lots of little geographical errors and basically making it look  a lot nicer. If you have been keeping an eye on the TresCom forums, i usually update that thread a lot more often than this site, because i feel the majority of Trespasser’s fans are members of that community and i think the work will get more exposure and feedback there.

I recently spoke on the forums about CryEngine’s continued lack of support form CryTek in regards to the terrain issues, which look’s as if it’s never going to be fixed for this generation of CryEngine. CryTek are making Crysis 3 which looks like its the same deal as Crysis 2, set in an urban setting with only minimal natural geography. I think the main reason CryTek aren’t concerned with the bug, is because the terrain they produce for Crysis 2/3 is generally pretty low altitude stuff, with buildings on top. They never seem to venture into the area where the issue start appearing. Its a bit of a slap in the face for users of the SDK though, because not everyone will be making games like Crysis 2/3 and need to be able to make mountains higher then 250 metres.

Unreal 4 tech is on the way, and it will be interesting to see what kind of scale that will allow as UDK3 seemed to be a bit limited with its scaling options. The E3 2012 footage of ARMA3 looks very impressive indeed and i cant wait to see more. ARMA2 has some insanely large terrains and if they can push the visual quality of ARMA3 into truly next gen territory, then that engine could be serious contender.

Speaking of AMRA2, I’ve been playing a bit of the Zombie MOD DayZ lately, and although im enjoying the concept, i feel its probably way too buggy to get into it too seriously just yet. I had some pretty serious issues trying to get it set up and running properly and when i finally did, the learning curve is very sharp due to the very unusual controls regarding inventory and equipment. Some serious work needs to be done to not so much make things simpler, but to make things easier. In the three serious times I’ve played it, I’ve been killed by bandits each time just as I’ve managed to find a weapon and some decent items. Its a frustrating moment that fills you with rage, but taking into consideration that the same scenario in real life would be just as lawless, you can only admire the brutal rawness of it. Stories posted by new players complaining about how they were hunted down by experienced players and butchered with melee weapons while they could do nothing but crawl away with broken legs, are usually met with big gut laughs from the rest of the community. No one in the DayZ community seems to care if you think its too hard or unfair, because no one is forcing you to play it. “If you don’t like it, don’t play it” is the usual response from most forum members.

Playing DayZ has given me hope that some of the more hardcore and detailed control elements and features i have been designing may not be met with as much concern as i thought. Trespasser’s controls are often criticized for being too complex or fiddly, but i think now that we live in a time where games are much more complex and realistic than what was available at the time of Trespasser’s release, gamers today wont find it as much of an issue. The ARMA / DayZ crowd love the raw realism the MOD provides, with the lengthy pitch black night cycles being a concern to really only the new players. This is a big surprised for me, as i thought my ideas for lengthy and very dark night cycles for this project could be a big turn off for many players, but it appears as if the more hardcore and realistic the MOD becomes, the more players like it.

I don’t plan on making this project anywhere near as hardcore as DayZ is, but it will feature some pretty similar gameplay elements, such as eating and drinking, inventory management, fatigue, sleeping and a realistic day / night cycle. I think the natural evolution for a game like Trespasser, is to increase the level of realism across the board, not just enhance the original elements. Quite a few people have questioned the decision to retain ‘the hand’ and have suggested ditching it for a much simpler solution. This just makes me question how much of a fan these people are of Trespasser to begin with, because if you were a true fan, you would understand what a huge part of a the game ‘the hand’ is and how it’s a source for many more gameplay elements. I think like DayZ, if you are a fan of Trespasser, your a fan of everything about the game, and changing it would make it a different experience.

If you haven’t played DayZ, i suggest you buy the Combined Operations package on Steam and give it a go, its a great experience. I’m a well known huge hater of all things Steam, but luckily your able to run the mod without having to open Steam! 🙂

You may not be able to make the same connections with Trespasser that i have, but try imagining the island is populated by dino’s instead of zombies, and then picture the Summit in the distance as you explore the InGen facilities finding items and trying to survive.

Another thing i want to mention is a couple of images that i uploaded to Flickr which are modifications i made to poster designs for the fan movie Jurassic Park Origins. They posted some poster designs on their Facebook page and i decided to have a go at photoshopping them with my suggestions. If you haven’t yet seen or heard about Jurassic Park Origins, i suggest you have a look because its shaping up to be probably the best Jurassic Park fan film ever. They have some really great rewards for people who Back the film with donations, and also provide access to an exclusive “Backer’s Only” section with behind the scenes images. You will also get your name in the film credits in the Thank You section, or if your more cashed up and can afford a more expensive donation, you will be listed as a Producer. Very cool!

Be sure to check it out:

And keep your eye on the TresCom Forum for more regular updates:

~ by newoldmate on 24/06/2012.

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