Header Change, More Updates Soon..

After being told the dinosaur image I used in the last header was from the cover of Turok Evolution, I decided to remove it. It was a nice image that reminded me of the original cover of Trespasser, with the raptor poking its head through splintering wood.

I will upload a new header when i find an appropriate image to use, for now its just the lovely CryEngine 3 forest. When I have the help of a real artist, they might be able to whip up some nice concept art or a render of a snarling dinosaur head.

After making some much needed changes, I’ve uploaded the About page and also the Petrolia Logging history page. When this project first started, it was a Trespasser inspired project that I decided to change to an actual remake project, so there was some information that needed to be updated or removed. I was always worried that if I developed this project as an actual remake, that it may get shut down for copyright infringements or something, but as time goes by I’m becoming less concerned and if the shit hits the fan one day, I can revert it back to an inspired project.

I’ll upload the Controls & Movement page soon and also a Key Features page, that will list some of the projects most notable features. Don’t expect these for a couple of days though, as there is quite a bit of updating that needs to be done first.

I was recently flicking through my collection of Trespasser archive images and was admiring some scans from the November 1997 copy of Next Generation Magazine. These scans are pretty low quality, but they do show some very nice images of Trespasser when it was in development. I decided to have a quick search for this particular issue on ebay, and lo and behold, one pops up in good condition! I purchased it and hopefully it arrives late this week or early next. Having parted with many of my old gaming mag’s, I was a little disappointed to find only one very small article on Trespasser amongst them. I had an amazing collection of gaming magazines and although the collection has shrunk considerably, I still have quite a few first issues that are in pristine condition. Who knows, one day I might be selling them to a collector for a pretty penny 🙂

If anyone out there has some magazine scans of Trespasser features, be sure to let me know as I’m always keen to see new images that might show some never before seen locations. Two levels that have never been seen before are the Plains and Plantation House. There are some very early renders of what could be the Plains, but never any in-game shots.

Pop over to TresCom and have a look through the image gallery there. If you think you have an image that’s not in that collection, send it my way!

~ by newoldmate on 26/06/2012.

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