Upload Overload

You may have noticed I’ve been uploading a ton of new Trespasser images to the Flickr page.

Most of these have been seen before, but there are some you may not have seen. I have also provided comments to them as well, with my thoughts on what level they were taken in and when, etc. There are some great advertisement shots too, a couple of which were two page ads that i stitched together with photoshop and cleaned up a little.

I’ve been working on the island, adding new roads and cleaning up some old geometry. I’m about to start work on the Ascent levels, as I have spent a long time designing new locations and roads that will tie these areas in with the rest of the island better. It has taken a while to design these areas, because i really didn’t want to mess with the islands geography too much, because in real life, its often easier to build around the terrain then to try and reshape it. This should hopefully produce more realistic terrain that have characteristics of real landscaping.

I haven’t got my Next Generation Magazine yet, hopefully tomorrow. Once i get it ill make some high res scans of the photos and upload them to the Flickr page.

~ by newoldmate on 02/07/2012.

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