CryEngine 2 Test Shots.

I have a big update coming, one that will show the final island layout and will describe in detail what the new areas are and how they tie in with the story and history of the island.

Today I imported the island into CryEngine 2 to start texturing and doing some vegetation tests to check the shape and profile of the geometry I have made so far.

I did a quick tweak of the time of day and upped the fog density, then moved out to the coast and took an aerial shot of the island, simulating a sunrise at 6:20am. I then did some further adjustments using Lightroom to give it a bit of a boost.

Good Morning Isla Sorna

I then decided to take a shot further in-land, so I distributed grass over the default surface texture and scattered some vegetation about. I then tweaked the time of day a little more and set the time to around 7:20am. A also did some further adjustments in Lightroom to help pretty it up.

Industrial Jungle

I wont be at the stage where I can start adding vegetation for a little while yet, there will no doubt be a lot more work to be done on the island itself, tweaking the profile of the mountain ranges and hills etc. I have also started to re design an area I wasn’t happy with and I have also added a basic “bush plane” style landing strip on the outer edge of the Plains.

I can’t say how far away this big update will be, but hopefully this week some time.

~ by newoldmate on 17/07/2012.

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