The Shooting Range

Shooting Range

In Trespasser this area was a kind of “shooting tutorial”, with several guns placed out on some wooden boxes. Players could practice picking them up and aiming at the objects set up on the concrete walls.

A new addition to this area is the white building to the right. This will be the construction site office, and will be heavily overgrown with vegetation. Players will discover a poster on the wall inside the office that is for the InGen Resort, and will reveal that this island is in fact Site B.

There will be another fence with a locked gate just on the other side of the office, this will be the first puzzle for players to solve. Either smash the padlock, find keys, or build something to climb over the wall.

Just past this wall will be the large sign players seen in Trespasser, but this time it will be a “Welcome To Site B” type of thing for the island’s guests.

From here the vegetation gets more dense and starts to look more like a jungle. Lots of ferns, logs, and a thick canopy overhead.

Here is a reference shot of the same scene in Trespasser:

Shooting Range Reference

~ by newoldmate on 20/07/2012.

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