Dam Wall

Dam Wall

I decided to do a little more work on the dam and add some guard rails and a couple of sets of stairs. There will need to be at least three more sets of stairs to finish it, but its all just temporary stuff made from Crysis assets.

I haven’t added any trees to this part of the island yet, i’m going to save that till im actually up to this area. Placing vegetation is something i spend a bit of time doing, taking into consideration the available light, terrain shape and altitude and also how far inland it is.

I’m planning to add a building to the top right hand side of the dam wall, on the water side. This building will be very old and i will base my designs on Buntzen Lake Power Station, which was built around 1903.

There will also be an Outlet Tower at the rear of the dam, which will be accessible via a catwalk over the water and also a tunnel that runs under the water. I also planning to add a large outlet pipe that will flow into a river that flows down to the start of the valley. This is just there for detail and will most likely be non functional. You should be able to climb into this pipe, you might find something in there.

The design of the actual dam model, will have an overflow cut out in the top right corner, with a catwalk over it. Hopefully i can make it so that the overflow section has actual flowing water over the cut-out, that feeds into the catchment at the base.

On the left hand side of the wall, a large concrete pipe will exit near the base, and travel all the way to the town, where it will meet up with the water treatment facility.

The building at the base of the dam, will most likely contain a puzzle that allows players to open a secret area, giving access to Harold Greenwood’s body and probably some good loot.

Be sure to visit the Flickr page to see larger images.

~ by newoldmate on 23/07/2012.

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