Mr Rex

This Tyrannosaurus model was made about 4-5 years ago when I first started this project. Back then i was using Lightwave 5.6 and made my models one vertice at a time, then select three and make a poly, then repeat.. thousands of times.

Lightwave 5.6 didn’t support background images* to use as a shape reference, so this was all done by eye, switching back and forth between Lightwave and my reference photos.

I’m going to start working on these models again soon, and perhaps even go as far as making a high detail normal map and displacement map.

T-Rex Model - Front

T-Rex Model - Back

*I know lightwave 5.6 did support background images, but they were so low quality that it was actually impossible to use them for an accurate reference.

~ by newoldmate on 23/07/2012.

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