The Compound

This is the Compound from JP3.

JP3 Compound Teaser

This shot has been deliberately edited to look like a very low quality VHS screen capture or perhaps a magazine scan of one of Trespasser’s very early pre-release screen shots. I don’t want to post the same kind of images all the time, and i feel this one not only looks cool, but the high contrast grainy look also hides a lot of whats going on, to keep things a bit of a mystery.

I have plans to radically modify the TOD (time of day) to produce a much more raw and contrasty look for the game. Crysis is a lovely looking game, but its quite “dreamy” in its visuals, with over the top bloom / light rays and eye-adaption HDR effects.

I really want a gritty dirty look for this project, something that gives the appearance of the above screen shot, but with much more definition and quality of course.

~ by newoldmate on 02/08/2012.

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