The Town – Magazine Scan

In keeping with my gritty image theme, here is a “magazine scan” of an image of the new town layout.

The Town "Magazine Scan"

I used to love getting a new games magazine and seeing screenshots of the games i was most looking forward to. There was a certain kind of charm that these images had, they were grainy and low quality, but they somehow still allowed you to make out just enough detail to keep you excited and wanting to see more. There was a kind of mystique about them, and even now i still enjoy looking at old magazine scans, remembering what my thoughts were and what imagined i seen in them, and then compare them to how the game actually turned out.

Occasionally i’ll do the same with certain images of my project, so they give you a little glimpse of whats to come and hopefully keep you wanting more.

Nearly all major structures are there apart from the school, and a few other features such as the basketball court and tennis court, some small houses are actually supposed to be just frames or foundations and the buildings are all obviously temporary.

In the foreground is the water treatment facility. This will have pipes running into it all the way from the Dam. Players wont have immediate access to this building until they have entered the valley that the Dam is in, and then they will be able to get in and open the gates, allowing easy access back to the town.

The layout for the visitors centre compound is now quite similar to the movie and the position of some buildings is how it was planned in Trespasser’s design documents. The school is an all new building and will be in the large empty patch of grass to the left. It was mentioned in the design documents and some sound samples relating to Anne wielding sporting equipment against a dinosaur, can actually be used now.

I am working on importing some of Trespasser’s assets, houses, buildings etc, so i can be 100% sure of my dimensions, but i am pretty confident that it is all okay. Its easy to change if need be anyway, the hard work is already done.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but its really enjoyable to work on areas like this, its a refreshing change from planting trees! It will be so much more enjoyable when i have actual assets to distribute and the player movement code is modified. Then it will really start to look and feel like a different game!

~ by newoldmate on 03/08/2012.

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