Custom TOD – Almost there..

The TOD is almost done.

I can’t see any obvious ares that i want to modify, but im sure ill change something later on. I still have the rest of the timeline to do, as i’ve only been working on 12 o-clock mid day. This is the harshest most bright light of the day, with the sun directly overhead, casting downward shadows and generally being the most difficult to photograph properly. I figured, if i could nail the lighting here, i should be able to use it as a base and work my way out to do the sunrise and sunset.

The Resort Construction Site. (posting again for comparison purposes)
Custom TOD - Resort Construction Site

The Jungle Road.
Custom TOD - The Jungle Road

The Baseball Bat.
Custom TOD - The Baseball Bat

The Forest Floor.
Custom TOD - Forest Floor

~ by newoldmate on 08/08/2012.

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