My Custom TOD

Over the last two day’s i’ve been working on a custom TOD (time of day) file for this project. The TOD file contains all the settings needed to control every aspect of the games lighting. It truly is amazing what you can adjust and at first i was overwhelmed with how many settings there are. It took a while to learn just what everything does, and how it effects other settings, but i finally got it to a point that im really happy with.

I’m aiming for realism with some glamour and very accurate white balance.

These shots are 100% straight out of the editor, no modifications at all.

The Resort Construction Site.
Custom TOD - Resort Construction Site

The Water Hole.
Custom TOD - Water Hole

Banana Tree.
Custom TOD - Through The Leaves

The First Clue.
Custom TOD - First Clue

The Stranded Truck.
Custom TOD - The Stranded Truck

Custom TOD - Underwater

~ by newoldmate on 08/08/2012.

2 Responses to “My Custom TOD”

  1. esta espectacular.. estoy ansioso por jugar este juego!!

    • Thank you. It’s going to be a little while before its released, but i promise to post regular updates!

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