The Beach

The Beach

Starting Area

~ by newoldmate on 11/08/2012.

6 Responses to “The Beach”

  1. My god… this looks amazing!!

  2. Oh my god this looks amazing! How long till completion?

    • Thanks! It’s still a long way off yet, but progress is being made quickly. The hardest part is building the island as its 20+ square kilometres of hand built terrain. Placing all those trees and objects takes time πŸ™‚

  3. Your god of trespasser! that kind of graphics looks like something to be released during 2012!! AMAZING! I can’t wait for it to be released… one question, is it a mod, or a new game entirely? Im still confused on that.

    • Thanks mate, much appreciated! The key is taking your time and working on the smaller details. CryEngine 2 is by no means a slouch compared to CryEngine3 and other newer engines. The project is currently being developed as a Mod for Crysis, as this allows me to use the Crysis assets (rocks trees, textures, decals etc) to help speed up development. The creation of all that stuff would be a huge task and im working on this by myself, so i need to do things the smart way and rely on distinctive designs to help separate it from just another custom Crysis map. Down the track if the Crysis 3 SDK proves to be a worthwhile update, ill consider porting it over as there are some fantastic new features that im interested in not for just visual improvements, but also to make my job easier and speed things up. This wont be considered unless i feel its really worth it though. In time when the island is getting closer to completion, ill start assembling a team and start producing new assets like buildings, objects, vehicles, weapons and of course dinosaurs. Its a big job and im in no rush, my priority is the island as its the backbone of the game and will provide the most gameplay through exploration. Dinos and all that stuff will come later. Just as the city of Grand Theft Auto can provide hours of off-mission fun, the island will provide players with hundreds of hours of exploration and fun. Thanks heaps again for your comments, and be sure to subscribe to receive notifications of updates and new posts.

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