Traffic. Lots of Traffic.


Where did all these hits come from? I tracked a number of clicks from ‘’ and also from 4chan, but it doesn’t explains these numbers! In the past 24 hours the page has had close to 500 views. That’s amazing!

I hope everyone is liking what they see, the best is yet to come.

There are a few pages missing from the blog, these contain more detailed information about the controls and other gameplay elements. When i can pull myself away from working on the island, ill upload these pages so you can learn more about the project.

Please keep the comments and questions coming, I love feedback and knowing that you’re interested and looking forward to seeing more.

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Thank you!

~ by newoldmate on 13/08/2012.

13 Responses to “Traffic. Lots of Traffic.”

  1. From 4chan, we were having a thread about a dream Jurassic Park game, Trespasser eventually came up, and someone mentioned your project. Everyone was amazed by it.

    We only have one request, and that is that you release the Island map before completion, or at least a beta version. Without offense, these projects take a long time, and I can guarantee you that people would be incredibly satisfied with the Island alone until you get the entire game done. Some would argue that the best thing about Trespasser was the Island itself, and the huge amount of Jurassic Park iconography adding flair to it. Just to be able to walk around a Jurassic Park, real life or virtual, would simply be breathtaking, and your mod is probably the closest we could ever hope to get right now. Obviously this puts your map out for other people to tinker with, so people would hopefully understand if you wish not to put it out to the public, although I think it’d benefit you in the long run as various gaming news sites would probably make an article about this feat (I’m honestly surprised they haven’t already).

    Keep up the good work sir, I can’t wait to see more!

    • Hi, that’s awesome, glad you guys liked it!

      It must have got a lot of views, because the hits here went through the roof!

      Feel free to do that whenever you like 🙂

      I’ve applied for some advertising on the blog to try and make a bit of money to help fund the project. I’m in desperate need of some new hardware and there is also a bit of software i’d like to buy. So if i can make some money from ad’s it would be great.

      My system, is pretty low spec considering what im doing, and it wont be too long before im unable to do any more on the map. Memory.. the silent killer :-)t

      As far as your request goes, im sorry but is not gonna happen. Not while this project is active at least. If it ever died for any reason (probably because i’ve died) than sure, all project assets will be uploaded somewhere.

      Releasing the map early would totally destroy the experience of exploring the island. I will be releasing a demo though, but this wont be for a long time.

      There wont be any closed betas or anything like that either, just a simple test map that will be used for developing the controls, movement, weapons, dinosaurs etc.

      I wont release anything that will reveal any aspect of the project early. It would take away from the experience of the final game too much.

      Updates will come pretty frequently though, so don’t worry about not seeing what’s happening.

      thanks again for the comments and all the exposure. Its very much appreciated!

  2. Ah, sorry to hear about the request, but it was to be expected.

    Either way, everyone is equally impressed that you can update so fast, though that looks like it may be possibly slowing down soon due to your budget issues. Have you considered kickstarter or indiegogo? I’m sure you won’t need a huge budget to back up, and there are many sites right now that are advertising kickstarters, and your may very well be put up there, especially considering just how far you’ve gotten. This is all considering it’s legal within Crytek to allow you to profit from this mod.

    Either way, good luck with the extra assets!

    • And I accidentally forgot to reply. Sorry about that!

    • I don’t think I can start a kickstarter because Im not a US citizen, I’m Australian. I’ve considered starting a Paypal donation button but Im not sure anyone would use it. Any chance you have a link to the thread on 4Chan? The link in my page stats is dead. Cheers.

      • There’s a limit to the amount of threads available, so the Jurassic Park one is probably gone.

        If you’re looking for places to get some promotion, you may want to try Rock Paper Shotgun or PC Gamer, as both of these are huge PC Gaming websites, and both, especially the former, love to advertise these little projects. I’m sure if you shot them an email, you can probably get something out of them.

        Another option is to compile a quick video of your progress and put it out on youtube. Just ask for a donation at the end of it, explain why you can’t use Kickstarter, and you’ll probably get some donations.

        As for 4chan, you can attempt to make a thread there asking for money, although they aren’t usually keen to people doing that.

      • These guys aren’t from the US either
        so, maybe you can give it a shot after all.

  3. Also, there is currently a thread about it up right now:

  4. So…
    Will your health bar be represented by a tattoo on your tits?

    • Don’t worry, when you look down, you will see boobs. I promise. I’ve always imagined Anne as being quite a bit classier than the type of women who would have a tattoo of a heart wrapped in barbed wire on her tit. I’m pretty sure Anne has never played competition darts down at the local pub. I have a few ideas for monitoring health, but i haven’t nailed it down just yet.

  5. mod looks cool
    bigger pictures would be nice

    • Thanks. Yeah one day ill get around to sorting out a few graphical issues and ill start posting high quality shots. At the moment im only concerned with regular updates, so they’re just captures straight out of the editor, no AA or AF, just a high quality config and a few high res texture packs. Shadow draw distance, shaders and SSAO could all be increased / improved, but maybe down the track.

  6. Also, just realized something. You may wish to put your mod on

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