Net Trouble

I’m having some trouble accessing certain sites at the moment. The TresCom forums are inaccessible, so too are the Jurassic Park Legacy forums. Pretty unusual that they both would be at the same time, and they have been for about 4 days now. The really strange thing is that I have actually been able to access TresCom a few times with my phone, but not with a computer, and there has been new posts, so i don’t think this issue is affecting everyone.

I’ve tried clearing out all history, cache etc but it hasn’t helped.

Sorry if anyone has tried to contact me on these forums, but there’s nothing i can do at the moment. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question on the blog, or send me an email. s13n1 at hotmail dot com.

I was recently approved for WordAds, so i can start showing some ads on the blog and hopefully raise some money for the project. I’m desperately in need of a computer upgrade and there is also some software and other hardware that i need to buy. My income is pretty limited, so any support from this site would be awesome. I haven’t seen any ads yet though, so im wondering if its related to the trouble i’e been having recently or perhaps there are just no ads yet? If anyone has seen any ads on this blog, be sure to leave a comment so i know they’re working.

As far as project news goes, im just doing a lot of texture work at the moment, trying to sort out the visual look of the island, with new textures for dirt slopes, dirt cliffs, dirt rocks and stone cliffs. I’m working on nice gradual transitions between the textures, so the base is a crumbling dirt that turns into stone and then into a darker volcanic looking rock. It looks really nice and natural and allows the sandy-dirty beach area to flow into the rocky-earthy inland areas with a bit more realism.

This island will not be covered with only lush forest and jungle, there will be open areas that are fairly void of trees and some ares that are actually quite dry and dusty. I want a lot of visual variety to the game, so that when people are walking through the island, the terrain is constantly changing and players can see that they are actually travelling through different locations. Its easy to have different looking areas like beaches, jungles, forests, plains and rocky canyons, but it takes a bit more work to make these areas look distinctly different from each other.

I’ve redesigned the mountains around the starting beach and have them looking more like the kind of cliffs you would see around Kauai. This helps tie the visual look in with the films and also allows me to reduce the amount of trees required.

I uploaded a higher-res shot to Flickr. in case you didn’t notice, here it is:

Hi Res Sample

The full size shot is 1600×1017, which is only half the size of the original shot, but its a start. You can see the new cliff and dirt wall textures in this shot too.

Time for breakfast and then its off to work.. actual work though 😦

P.S I just seen an Ad! You have to click on a post and view it separately for the ad’s to show up. Feel free to click an add every time you visit, but don’t over do it!

~ by newoldmate on 21/08/2012.

4 Responses to “Net Trouble”

  1. Hey, man – I’m looking at an ad on screen right now. I think there have been one on the page for (I guess) three days now. Not sure though as I didnt check out the blog yesterday. Trescom, though,…did have a bit of trouble getting on there a little earlier in the day. Hope you get the issue worked out soon.

    Keep up the nice work,
    Road Warrior

    • Hey man, im really not sure what the problem is. i still can’t access the forums, it just tells me the page doesn’t exist. Strange. Any chance you could ask if there has been any recent changes to the forum software for me? I have been able to access the forums once with my phone and i see that there have been new posts and no mention of any trouble, so im sure its probably just a problem on my end.

      How’s the computer upgrade going? Got it all installed yet?

  2. Sure, will do – I’ll get back with you when I here something.

    Yep, got it all installed and is performing way better htan I had hoped.

  3. I see that you were able to get everything sorted out. (I never did get a response to my email – so apologies)…was busy over there for the last little bit as you have already discovered. Yesterday(and the two days before that) there were an average of about 53 guests viewing your page!

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