Raptor Canyon – Industrial Jungle

Raptor Canyon - Industrial Jungle

The original scene:

Raptor Canyon Reference

Be sure to visit the Flickr page for the full size shot.

~ by newoldmate on 22/08/2012.

2 Responses to “Raptor Canyon – Industrial Jungle”

  1. If I remember correctly there was a pretty wide multi-layers area at the end of this level? Can’t wait to see it will look like in your game!

    • Yeah, it was a bit of a platform area with lots of jumping required to ascend to the top. This area will be in my version too, but the multi level area will be a bit of a landslide with lots of rocks and shifted terrain. In the original, there was a waterfall at the top of this section, and you had to jump off it into a water pool below. This will be in this version too, but because there is an actual road that leads down into the next area, you dont need to jump off the waterfall. This waterfall will actually be coming out of a cave, but players wont be able to get into it from here. The cave is linked to another area close to where the Aviary is and another waterfall. These waterfalls are fed by underground springs and will provide players with a little bit of subterranean exploration, just to add some variety. There is an overhead map image i posted of this area a while back, on the Flickr page. I might post it here on the blog with some more info and shots of how this area is looking now.

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