The Swamps

I know i said i would post some shots of the raptor canyon, but i got a little side tracked today and worked on the swamps that are between Plantation House and Industrial Jungle.

The Swamps

I’ve been itching to work on some really dense tropical jungle with patches of water and lingering fog, to see just how dense and realistic i could get it to look. The results are pretty good, but there are a lot of plant species i want to add and i would also like to create my own set of overgrowth objects that i can place in the canopy and against other trees to give the appearance of lianas and vines growing over everything. The jungle here is not regular tropical jungle because of the swampy patches of water, so there are some twisted tree species in the water and not as many tropical plants as there will be in the other tropical jungles.

There are some palm species here, with the taller ones placed so they are realistically reaching for the sunlight in the gaps in the canopy, there is large wavy jungle grass around the water and there are lots of ferns, scrub and other jungle tree species. I have placed a few fallen trees and logs around, but only a few large rocks, i will add all the smaller ones soon.

Its in these swamps that the player will find the bogged water truck from Jurassic Park 3, the one Eric was living in. Sometime during the final days on the island, the truck was being driven from the vehicle yard on the west side of the island to the east docks on the east side, when the driver went off track and lost control, getting the truck stuck in the mud. Players will need to discover what happened to the driver and where they may have gone, as this person might have been carrying something you need later in the game.

The swamps will be home to lots of insects, Compy’s and the occasional Raptor if they wander down here from the canyon beyond.

This image is missing some post processing effects such as light beams and light rays and also the real-time water reflections, which makes it almost impossible to see the water. I added the blur to the edges to (poorly) simulate a bit of DOF.

I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro just so i could upload this image. It was 43mb and i wanted to show the full size so you could see all the detail. A few people have asked for hi-res images and also for some “real” jungle shots, so this should satisfy a few people.

Be sure to visit the Flickr page for the full 3840 x 2441 version.

~ by newoldmate on 28/08/2012.

11 Responses to “The Swamps”

  1. Looking nice…
    Have you considered contacting the DreamWorks Interactive or EA etc. about making the official reboot of the Trespasser? Your work looks really nice and CryEngine offers much innovations and features…Maybe they would be interested if you give them quick glance of the gameplay on the island and maybe some dinos. I think it is worth trying – there aren’t many games with dinos these days – not to mention good ones πŸ™‚
    As far as I am concerned your project has potential to be funded and become stand alone game.

    • Thanks. At the moment this project is little more than a custom map for Crysis. Its not even a proof of concept, because there is no original content in it just yet. Contacting someone at this point would be, well pointless and considering a CryEngine licence is worth many (possibly hundreds of) thousands of dollars and a Jurassic Park licence is also work many thousands of dollars. It places it in the realm of fantasy and im more concerned with just making it good than what i can make out of it. I understand what your saying, but i think all too often people prioritize their commercial aspirations above making a good game. That’s why im not concerned about making it as a MOD for Crysis, rather then a standalone game for the Free CE3 SDK, because it helps me finish it.

      • When you show them your work + some features including gameplay they as a company will support this project financially… That is how it works. Some indie guys make something worth investing in and some rich guys give money for game polishing and making it professional stand alone title. Paying for new CryEngine licence isn’t very expensive (at least not for huge companies). Many developers works with it to create some crappy games. Try to get someone who can make dino ingame and then hit to some developer πŸ™‚ Most modern game makers and developers started that way…

      • Yeah lots of big games started life as a mod. Counter Strike being one of the most successful. I’m just not concerned with it and have no intention of going out of my way to promote the project right now. I’ve got too much work to do and honestly, if the project is that good, someone will contact me. Maybe one day when the project uses its own art assets and is not so much a Crysis mod but a standalone project, then ill look into it. It all depends on how it turns out and if there is enough demand to warrant such efforts. There has been no attempt yet for a commercial remake or sequel, and considering the last Jurassic Park game was a bit of a flop, i cant see there being too much interest until the next movie is released. If they ever make it that is.

      • 1. Yeah, except CS I can think of more recent DayZ mod for ARMA 2 (1 million gamers) which will became stand-alone game πŸ™‚ Just want to motivate you for harder work and extending your point of view on this whole thing.
        2. Don’t wait for contact πŸ™‚ contact someone important yourself when some decent gameplay will be available. There is this site where you can find team members for your mod (I mean animations, dinos or new buildings models and textures).
        3. I don’t agree with you on the fact that there is no demand for JP games… The fact is that people love JP and dinos but there wasn’t any (any is a key word) good games including those factors (even Trespasser was too buged, too innovative and technologically too demanding to achieve success).
        Just keep up a good work and try to expand this mod features by teaming with people like you who have know-how with CryEngine, and I can asure you that something big will eventually come form it πŸ™‚

  2. I love the attention to detail. Really shaping up to become something fantastic.

  3. This is simply amazing… you’re amazing attention to detail really makes me wish this game would be produced. Is there any in-game footage you have yet? I’d love to see some footage. And dinosaurs! You’re doing a great job, and I’ll be coming here very often to get updates!

    • Thanks mate. I’m pretty OCD about attention to detail and i’m a little worried that i will eventually hit a limit with how much i can do. I think the limit with CE2 is really just a memory limitation though, as long as you have enough memory, you can make it as detailed as you want.

      Things will only get better as more elements are introduced, such as rain, wind, falling leaves, insects, ambient sounds, items, animals and of course dinos. On top of that, i want to spend a lot of time developing very realistic player movement, so that camera bob and motion while you move and look around looks real. Combined with the more “interactive” nature of the controls, i think one of the projects biggest charms will be the sense of being on a real living island. I think games like GTA are a great reference to use, because they create gameplay by giving players a nice big world filled with lots of random things to do. That’s what i think is a lot of Trespassers charm, is that its not your typical FPS game, you can just lose yourself in the game, messing about with picking up objects, playing with the physics and just exploring.

      I have to be careful though, that i don’t make a game that is limited to only people with lots of memory (4gb+). Even though one of my aims with this project is to push the limits of size, detail and interactivity, it would be pointless if no one could run it. This was one of the reasons why the original game was a flop, because despite all the bugs and gameplay issues, no one could run the damn thing!

      My system is pretty old and performance in the more detailed areas is starting to drop quite a bit. I would love to record some video footage, but unfortunately it would be a bit of a slideshow πŸ™‚

      I would like to add a capture card to my next system upgrade, so i can record some really nice video. Not sure when that will be though, so for the moment you will have to settle for just screen shots.

      Thanks heaps for your comments, they are much appreciated. Be sure to join the TresCom forums and take part in the discussions over there. It will be great to get some community feedback from group discussions, particularly at this early stage of development.

  4. Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Cheers|

    • Its actually a default theme, called Chaotic Soul. I just added a few custom colours and a header and that was it.

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