I didn’t do any work on project over the weekend, i had a birthday to attend and had a few days break from it. Yesterday i made some great progress and got most of the canyon area completed, with only some final detailing required to finish it off.

After the previous image i posted here, i decided to discard most of the work i did and make the canyon using voxels. This allows me to make actual overhanging cliffs instead of using rock objects to simulate cliffs. The visual effectiveness of the voxels is huge and adds so much more realism to the canyon. The shadows produced by the overhanging sections helps to break up the textures, and being able to lay plants on voxels allows me to make little ledges where plants have grown, covering the walls with ferns and grass and small trees. This area is starting to look like one of my favorite areas so far and once it is infested with raptors, it will be one of the most dangerous.

I posted an overhead map image of this area a while ago that detailed how you will progress through this level. In the original, the valley just ended with the only option to enter the canyon and follow it all the way you till climbed a tree over a gap, then jumped off a waterfall into the next section. My version will be very similar, but at the end of the valley where the canyon starts, players will follow a road up and around to the right, but will encounter a concrete wall and a locked gate. This will force players to back track to where the canyon is, but near the concrete wall there is another new area that looks down into the canyon from above, allowing players to see where the crashed BioSyn helicopter is and also a small glimpse of the aviary on the other side of the canyon. After navigating through the canyon, players will find themselves at the top of the waterfall, on the road on the other side of the locked gate they encountered earlier. This road continues around to the aviary, but another locked gate forces them to continue on towards the Town. In the second half of the game, players will be able to unlock this gate and access the Aviary.

Although very out of date with a lot of detail missing, this image should help you visualize the area a bit better.

Industrial Jungle / Aviary

In case you missed it, here’s a shot i uploaded to the Flickr page the other day of the cave just before the canyon opens up to where the crashed BioSyn chopper is.

Raptor Canyon - With Voxels

I’ll post some new (and more interesting) shots of the canyon soon!

~ by newoldmate on 28/08/2012.

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