Sorry for the delay in getting this new post up. Its turned out to be a lot bigger than i expected and I’ve been doing a few tests to pursuit some ideas before i finish it.

The upcoming post will cover weapons, inventory and controls. As well as some info about alternative control methods using the LEAP, Oculus Rift and a Nintendo Wiimote.

Also, I forgot to update the previous post, so in case you missed it, the donation button is now in the side bar.

As far as progress goes, i’ve done quite a lot of work over the last couple of days. I decided to completely overhaul a section of the island that i had not yet detailed. This area is between the Raptor Canyon and the Swamps and is essentially the dried river bed at the start of the 3rd level, Industrial Jungle. I decided to remove what i had done, and then remake the first half of the Industrial Jungle river bed, changing a few details so it would fit into the altered landscape. Its essentially the same, with just a few alterations to the bends and length of some sections.

When you’re exploring the swamps, you will have three possible exit points, One will take you close to the start of the Raptor Canyon, halfway along the river bed, one will take you to the start of the river bed, and the other will take you back to the Plantation House. Coming out at the start of the river bed, there is now a bridge that passes over it, that will take you to the Western Plains area. This bridge looks great when you are down in the river bed, looking up at it. The road splits at the bridge, running along the length of the river bed, all the way to the Raptor Canyon, ascending around the top of it, then down into the second half of industrial jungle and then onto the Town.

Its all coming together nicely i think, the way the island is now unified will please a lot of people.

I will post some new shots soon, once i have finished the upcoming post.

~ by newoldmate on 20/09/2012.

One Response to “Delays”

  1. Thx for the tip – I missed the paypal button 🙂 Expect some donation soon.
    Quick question – was it very hard (scripts etc) to make inventory system ? I’ve been told that it’s difficult in CryEngine…

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