Hey guys, i know its been a little quiet, but things have been busy at work and I’ve had quite a bit of work to do around the house.

But don’t worry, I’ve been working solidly on the project, on a new area of the island which is in between the Plantation House and where the Hunters Camp is. This will be an additional set of Mayan ruins, that will be tied into the storyline for the second half of the game.

I want the ruins to play a more important part in the game this time round, rather than just being an environment decoration. Without disclosing too much, there will be a relationship between the Mayan ruins and the loggers / miners who worked on the island long before InGen arrived. A worker took an interest in the ruins and in his spare time he was exploring them, trying to decipher their writing and also documented some of his finds in his journal. This worker disappeared in the final days of their time on the island and because this person was the only person who had keys and access to certain machinery and other areas, they remained locked and abandoned when they packed up and left.

It will not be a crucial part of the story, but will be a step in one of the different ways you can get off the island. So if the the player has a choice of 3 different methods of getting off the island, this will be a step in one of those methods.

I decided to allocate some time to finishing Twilight Princess on the Wii last week. I didn’t buy the game when it first came out, i waited and bought a traded copy a few years ago and i never got around to finishing it. I still had quite a lot left to play, and it took a little while to remember where i was and what i was currently doing, but it was a lot of fun. I was pretty disappointed with the final quests though, they felt a little tacked on and grouped together with little in the way of story in between. I was also let down by the ending and felt that there should have been the opportunity to explore the land that you have spent so much time and effort restoring peace to, so you can see how the different communities live when they are not at war or under the rule of Ganon.

I was also fed up with finding chests with rupee’s in them when there really wasn’t any need for them any more. By the time you find the last of the gold bugs and can acquire the big wallet, there’s really nothing you need / want to save 1000 rupee’s for. All of the important items and weapons you get in the game are found completing side quests or in dungeons. And because i never once used the magic armor, i had all these rupees and nothing to spend them on. There really should have been a lot of additional quests that could be played after you finish the game, with perhaps the gold bugs and even the fishing quests left until the second play. The fishing quests should also have been more rewarding and not confined to the fishing hole, so players would be required to search the land for the appropriate fishing holes. Also the Rollgoal game is kind of pointless once you have the sink lure. I looked forward to being able to put the fairies to use by throwing an item or weapon in to get an improved version, but i was let down here too. This should have been the method to acquire the double hookshots, by fighting your way through the Cave of Ordeals instead of just finding it in a dungeon yet again. Also, instead of learning the great spin attack to do whenever your health is full, it should have been a reward for players who get all the hearts. Then the wolf can show up and teach you this powerful attack.

Playing through Zelda:TP gave me a lot of ideas for this project, particularly for players who complete the game and want some additional gameplay the second time through. It’s not really the kind of setting or story that lends itself to a second play, once you escape the island, your gone and back to your normal life, but i think a second play through can be as if Anne has returned to the island by herself to satisfy her curiosity about the Mayan ruins and perhaps trying to get hold of the InGen technology.

I have some ideas that i think players will like, which should provide a lot of replay value and offer a little bit of mystery about certain areas and objects seen throughout the island the first time you play through. I want players to recall seeing certain areas and objects they found throughout the island that they can go back to later for additional missions and alternative modes of gameplay. Also something that i’ve seen a few people talk about around the net is the ability to play as a dinosaur, which i think would be very cool on an island as large as this. It’s a bit of a fantastical concept and doesn’t really fit in with the realistic style of gameplay, but i have a few ideas for how it could be put to good use.

I’ll post some screens soon of some of the new areas and how some of the previously seen areas are looking. As i make my way back through these areas they are constantly improved with additional vegetation species and better texturing.

~ by newoldmate on 01/10/2012.

6 Responses to “News”

  1. Quick think about this dino gameplay option. I think it is a good idea but I must state that isn’t the priority. When human gameplay is done etc you can add new option to the project and release addons and updates for it like the dino gameplay for example. In my opinion you should consider making a new island or designated area on the Site B island just for this particular gameplay (FarCry 3 guys did so). That way the terrain and locations could be adapted for dino gameplay standards. Multiplayer is another option – humans vs raptors 🙂

  2. Great work, in the past I had similar project… Maybe it’s too late, but still i have somewhere an Blender plug-in to load any gray (gray, rgb) height map to Blender as a mesh. Let me know if you’re interested.

  3. Hey,
    It has been a while since we’ve gotten any updates…anything happening?

    • Hi there, don’t stress, i’ve just been very busy.

      I’ll have an update soon!

  4. This new Trespasser development is most interesting. What kind of in-game FPS are you getting in your newly designed scenes? Thanks.

    • It really depends. Some scenes are much more intensive due to size and draw distance, while others like the canyon I just posted are quite fast despite all the voxel objects.

      I’m not sure what kind of support CE2 has for multi core processors other than dual core. I know that a lot of people are probably running dual core as a minimum, while a lot of enthusiasts are running 4 and even 8 core machines.

      CryEngine 3 probably supports at least 4 core CPUs and in time it may even support 8 core CPUs, so this is another reason why a port over to the Crysis3 SDK is attractive.

      Like the original game, your going to need a good machine to get the most out of this project.

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