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This project has been actively in development for about a year now. There is only myself working on it, and although there are times when i’ll devote a whole day to it, there have been times when i’ve been so busy, that i’ve gone a whole month without working on it at all.

The majority of work i’ve been doing is level design and conceptual stuff, such as documentation and story elements, but soon i hope to start getting some custom assets into the game so it can really start to look good. I’ve made a few models here and there, but this has mostly been practice work, learning the tools.

So far I’ve only been working with the standard Crysis level design assets, this includes trees, textures and structures. Everything you see in all of the screens ive posted so far, is all 100% Crysis. I’ve been using random objects to construct the beach resort, the town, the monorail supports and even the dam wall is just a scaled up section of curved wall.

Quite a few months back, i started learning the CryEngine tools for importing models into the engine, but unfortunately the only FULL version of 3DS Max i own is very very old version that, although is a capable program, is not compatible with the scripts required. I was working with the 2011 trial version for a while and made some progress, but i found many of the tutorials i was following missed quite a few valuable steps that would probably be considered common knowledge to an experienced Max user, so i wasn’t able to get a model imported which is a shame. I would have had a month to get as many imported as possible! πŸ™‚

I’ve been putting off advertising for help, because i don’t want to be in a position where i have people working with me that have nothing to do. I cant stand people waiting on me for anything, and i’d hate the idea of some enthusiastic helpers just twiddling their thumbs, getting bored and eventually losing interest in the project.

Right now im still somewhat reluctant to call for help, but i really want to start the ball rolling on all the custom assets that will be required, because there will be a lot of them. My plan at the moment, is to convert as many models as possible from Trespasser, and get them imported into CryEngine2, so they can be loaded into the editor and placed throughout the island as placeholders. This is mainly for scale purposes, so i can then reference these areas with the original levels and make sure they are the right size in CryEngine. The models wont be very attractive when they are converted, but at least they will be better than what im using at the moment!

I Need Your Help!

What i need is an experienced 3D modeler, who has 3DS Max and a PC capable of running Crysis (High Quality preferred). I would prefer someone with prior CryEngine experience, but if not, you must be willing to learn everything required to import a textured, physics enabled model into the CryEngine Sandbox. Although this is a simple job and will only involve converting Trespasser models and then importing them into CryEngine, i would prefer someone who is capable of creating a 100% new model from scratch. I would prefer someone who is a Trespasser fan, but this is not a requirement.

You will be required to own Crysis 1, Trespasser, 3DS Max 2008 or 2009 and be willing to devote at least several hours a week to this project. What version of 3DS Max is required, will depend on which version the Trespasser and Cryengine scripts work with. You may have to download a trial of a newer or older version, depending on which you have. I cant remember off the top of my head which version of max is required by the Cryengine and Trespasser scripts.

If you are interested, either send me an email or leave a comment, and ill get back to you as soon as possible. Without sounding rude, please don’t contact me unless you fill requirements listed above. Im not an experienced modeler myself, so i have neither the experience or time to teach someone how to do some of these tasks.

Now moving onto other news.

Things are looking pretty good in the Raptor Canyon, and i think im almost ready to move onto another area. I still need to add detail objects that were in the original level, such as the dinosaur bones, weapons and other objects, but for the most part its finished. I think this area will be a great place for players to return to later in the game, once you have access to the rest of the island. Approaching the canyon through different areas will allow you to access areas you couldn’t previously. There are certain details and hints that will alert players to hidden areas or ledges they can climb, but you wont be able to reach them till later in the game.

In the original game, when players reached the end of this canyon, they climbed over a tree and then onto a section involving lots of jumping. This is still the same in this version, but the jumping area will appear as a bit of a land slide, where the road that passes over the top has been washed away from the rain, leaving lots of disturbed soil and stones. When players get to the top of this jumpy section, the road that leads around to the left will be blocked by a locked gate (it leads to the JP3 aviary) and the only options will be to either jump off the waterfall into the pool below, or take the safer option and follow the road down into the next valley.

At the top of this waterfall, players will get a very nice view of Mt Watson and will get their first real look at the northern end of the island, which will be dominated by pine trees and huge redwood forests. This will be a huge shift in visuals from the lush green jungles of the island south, and i’m really excited about working on it, even though it wont be for quite some time yet.

When i joined all the original Trespasser levels together, i noticed that the northern end of the island had a huge amount of wasted space. Some of this space will be occupied by the Saw Mill and the associated lumberjack cottages and deforested areas, while other areas will be filled with huge explorable forests that will be some of the most impressive on the island. The redwoods will be truly enormous and the entire area will look a lot like the area in the second Jurassic film, where Dieter gets lost and killed by the compy’s. I’m not sure how many people have seen the non jurassic works of Phil Tippett, but for those who haven’t, i highly recommend watching a beautiful short film he made back in 1984 called Prehistoric Beast.

This film is not only amazing and a huge inspiration for this section of the island, but if time and resources allow it, i would actually love to reshoot the entire film using CryEngine, but that’s a long way off yet.

Here’s another clip for you guys to check out, this one is a recent video for Crysis 3, which looks nicer every time i see it.

Check out the 38 second mark.. “Dont go into the long grass!”. I love the new vegetation effects this latest engine has, lets hope the engine supports them them on a large scale!

Here’s a new screen for you.

Raptor Canyon Bone Yard

This is the section of the Raptor Canyon where the large skeleton is.

~ by newoldmate on 09/12/2012.

8 Responses to “News & Help Wanted”

  1. Nice movie, I wish I had seen it when I was a kid.

  2. Glad you have decided to search for some help. Can’t say that I can do anything with CryEngine but I am sure you will find the best from the bests on … Try to create topic there, showing your amazing work so far and some skilled, very talented modders with exp will show up…
    Valley looks amazing, very smooth indeed πŸ™‚

  3. Funny you should mention needing help. When I found your blog I was considering offering my help, but I am really busy and wouldn’t want to commit to something I couldn’t do.

  4. hello if you want any help with textures or stuff like that i can help! cheers and this is a really great idea. i havent finished the game but im playing it right now! and again this is a really god idea!

  5. what the hell dude you have no idea how cool this is ive been planning and drawing ideas and new areas, buildings concepts etc… but this looks amazing the sheer detail is awesome i had my game for years and i just played it the other night and was laughing at how bad the detail was but i love the game haha just wish it was better but i stumbled on this site when i was looking for mods to see if anyone has trying to re-vamp the game but not like this out standing loveing the work keep it up sorry im not any use to help out

  6. If I were you, I would ask the people @ for help. They have created a lot of dinosaurs for the Cry Engine. Good luck.

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