Tread Lightly

Nobody move a muscle.

Tyrannosaurus In The Swamps

The above shot is almost 100% in-editor. The only modification is some slight focus blurring added to the foreground, and some vignetting.

So as you can see, I’ve been importing models ๐Ÿ™‚

In my last post i asked for help from anyone who would be willing to help with some basic model conversion and importing into Cryengine. Unfortunately I haven’t had anyone offer their services yet, but this is not such a bad thing as i decided to bite the bullet and learn how to do it all myself.

Trespasser models use a lot of small textures for a single model. The models don’t use a tradtional UV map, and this leads to lots of sub materials that put unnecessary strain on the engine. To overcome this, you can combine all the textures into a single 512×512 or 1025×124 texture and create a custom UV for the model, but this is more wok than i’m willing to spend on such basic models that will be remade later anyway. I’ve sorted out a very fast process and have been converting models like a madman.

I’ve got most of the towns major structures converted and the layout pretty much complete.

Afternoon Town

I got a little carried away and started wiring up the Towns power grid using the rope tool to create power lines that feed into a junction box and then run all the way back to Pine Valley along the large pylons. The town will be primarily powered by the Geothermal Plant in Pine Valley, but the backup power will be supplied by the generator building in the secure compound. This backup generator will only supply power to the gates, security systems and certain buildings in the secure compound. Anne’s objective in the town will be to boot up the generator and get power restored to the Visitors Centre, so you can use the computer to open the gates and move onto the Plains.

My next step will be replacing all the monorail supports and then importing all the sections of track that lead to the final monorail station to the west of the Town. Once this is done, ill move onto Beach and start replace the temporary structures there. I might even import an actual model for the resort, as the current placeholder is terrible and im sick of looking at it.

So what do you think of Mr Rex? ๐Ÿ™‚

This model is the first dinosaur I’ve imported into the engine! Although its just a static placeholder, its nice to finally see an actual textured dinosaur in the engine! I’ve had people asking me for a long time when i would do it, so i decided to go ahead and import one. I wont be posting too many shots like this, only now and then for very special occasions!

~ by newoldmate on 18/12/2012.

6 Responses to “Tread Lightly”

  1. Looks amazing ^u^! I can really picture the horror of that T.rex chasing you through the forest. Nice job on texturing it too!

  2. Holy shit, did you make this model or grabbed it from somewhere ? It looks awesome already.

    Man, seeing this makes me feel like a kid again, when the 1st JP movie was released.

  3. That’s an amazing project with incredible graphics! I love it and would like to contribute, but lack the required skills. Playing computer games since the 80s I was always fascinated by Trespasser (I played the demo when it was published) and purchased the full version in 2010, I guess.

  4. Did you make all buildings in the picture by yourself? I don’t recall them from Crysis game. Some bushes and trees on those hills would look nice. Dino look nice but the hardest part in my opinion is making a nice-looking head. Can’t see it clearly in the picture. I wonder how CryEngine will handle new model with animations. Did you find any info on this topic by other addon/mod makers?

  5. THAT LOOKS AWESOME! This whole project is Awesome!

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