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Tyrannosaurus In The Swamps - Hires

Be sure to visit the Flickr page and check out the 3840×2441 version.

After revising my previous post, i totally forgot to mention where the model came from!
The model was purchased from TurboSquid and made by a person called ChipperMan. I liked the model as it was a little different to the rest of the JP inspired models and the texture was nice and high res.

I’ve done some colour tweaks to the texture myself and created a new normal map for it, but that’s about it. The model is pretty nice, but it’s not quite what i’m after for this project. The shape and proportions are a little off, but to be honest i’ve always been a fan of a leaner looking Rex. To me they appear to be fitter and perhaps a bit more aggressive. The original concepts by Mark McCreery showed a Rex that was leaner than what made it to the movies, but i guess it depends on which Rex, because the Stan Winston Rex’s tend to looks a bit more rotund compared to the CG ones.

There were a few attractive models on TurboSquid that i was tempted by, but in the end i liked this one the most. I have no intention of using it in the project as an actual animated model, its just for posing. There were some model packs that included a few other species, but i wasn’t 100% happy with all of them, so i’d rather buy just one model that’s good, then 4-5 that are not as good and have lower res textures.

I would really like a high quality Stegosaurus and a Raptor, but i couldn’t find any that i liked enough.

I really don’t have the time to work on a textured dino at this point, but the temptation to import one was too much. I have my own models i’m working on, but they are far from ready and i would hate to waste time UV unwrapping something and making a texture for it, only to discover it needs an overhaul later on.

I’ll no doubt upload more shots of him throughout the island in various places, the temptation is just too much! There are some classic Trespasser pre-release screenshots and renders that i’d like to have a go at recreating, so i might have a go at those soon.

~ by newoldmate on 19/12/2012.

15 Responses to “More Rexy”

  1. First of all… It looks great.
    Second…We all have to force you somehow to expand this project and put it on Kick Starter or something like that…

    I have some idea concering donation thing… You said that you bought this model from some site… Maybe it would help the project a little if you create site where we could see what do you need (for example models or textures) , what are their prices and how much money still needs to be donated… I think it would mobilize us (fans) to donate more money…

  2. How do I private message you?

  3. Sorry just found your email :/

  4. Ekhem… I have just found this…

    Mod is set in Isla Nublar and it’s made with Free CryEngine3 SDK… Maybe you guys could work together or at least cooperate?
    They have some nice looking objects and some exp with animating dinos in Cry Engine.
    You should have a chat with them immediately 🙂

    • Yeah i’ve seen that project. I’ve actually talked with one of the guys working on it and they are doing something quite different to me. What im surprised about is that they are using Crysis1 vegetation assets in the Cryengine3 Free SDK, which you’re not allowed to do. I don’t know if they plan to model new assets or switch over to the Crysis2 MOD SDK, but that’s one of the reasons i’ve been developing as a Mod for Crysis1, so i CAN use the vegetation assets. Ah well, i hope they know what they’re doing. Good luck to them!

      • I rather ment exchanging knowlege and exp with them, maybe some dino technology or models as well. But you are the boss 😉

  5. Hey! This is awesome stuff, Asjad here from TresCom! I have been working on a Mod in CryEngine2 since a long time now, along the same theme as you are, only that I am a lot busier, barely squeezing an hour or so a day, so my progress isn’t great. But your work, this is incredible. Doing everything yourself as I have learned, is damn hard.

    • Hey there, thanks for the kind words. Good to see some TresCom people here!

      I didnt know soeone else on TresCom was working on a Cryengine project. Do you happen to have a link to some of your work? I’d love to have a look.

  6. Hey mate! This is a long time follower speaking. First of all, although you may have already been told, you’re doing a brilliant work here. My brother and I bought a copy of Trespasser when it first came out, and despite it being a wretched game running on a wretched computer, we loved every single bit of it. And now I can’t tell you how excited I am every time I see a new flickr image of yours! You are unbelievably good.
    Now, moving on to my question: I know this might be a little too early, but have you ever thought about the dinosaurs you want to put in your game?
    I have always thought that, both in the second film and in Trespasser, not having Carnotauroses (not necessarily chameleon-like) was a great loss! They would bring great diversity to the local fauna! I would love to run away from a huge chameleon rather than from those silly looking Albertosauroses, if you ask me! And I am not even mentioning Dilophosaurus. Boy, would I like Dilophosaurus!
    Anyway mate, again, wonderful job. I am really looking forward to playing Trespassing!

    • Cheers, thanks for the comments!

      I do have some ideas for new dinosaurs, but nothing rock solid just yet. I’ll work out exactly what i need as the island comes together more.

      I want a good variety of dinos, but i dont want to crowd the island too much, so they will have territories certain environments they prefer.

      I too am looking forward to playing it, because even now its very enjoyable to explore the island as it is!

      • Are you planning to use the original dinosaur sounds from Jurasssic Park, when possible?
        Again, I can’t wait to see the final result of your already outstanding job!

      • I’ll use whatever i’m allowed to use. Movie sounds might be a copyright issue i think.

        Distributing anything from Trespasser would also be a concern, so anyone wanting to play this mod, will need to own Trespasser.

  7. WOW looks amazing! I just want to say you did realy nice work, Trespasser was so much fun so i hope this will be even better 😀 I can´t wait to play this game 🙂

  8. Holy shit!

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