Isla Sorna Sunset

Just a quick one.

A while ago someone asked for a shot above the treeline, so here it is.

Isla Sorna Sunset

This shot was taken where Anne first see’s the Brachiosaur in the original game. Looking back towards the beach you can see how thick the canopy looks from overhead.

I’ve been working on the TOD again, I started fresh and am working on a full 24 hour cycle.

The time here is about 5:30pm.

~ by newoldmate on 26/12/2012.

6 Responses to “Isla Sorna Sunset”

  1. I belive that someone was me 😛 … Distant mountains landscape looks great. Jungle seems to be extremely thick. To this moment I thought that forest in Crysis was dense and heavily detailed 😉 …

  2. fantástica recreación de Trespasser, mucho exito y muchas felicidades por su proyecto tan ingenioso. Saludos.

  3. As a fan of both the movies and the game I just want to say thank you for doing this project. And congrats on a job expertly done so far!

  4. How far through are you in recreating the game?

    • Not that far really. The finer details take a very long time and im adding lots of them. There is a pretty solid path now from the Starting Beach all the way to the Town.

      I’ll start to work on other areas once i’ve got a few more models imported and have more vegetation species to choose from.

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