Hardware. What and where to buy?

Due to the lovely people that you are, I’ve received enough donations that i’m able to buy a new Motherboard!

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated. Without you guys i wouldn’t be able to buy any hardware for a long long time!

I think the motherboard is the best place to start, as its the backbone of the system and i can add to it as i get new components. I’m really not sure what brand to buy or what features to look for, im really only going on what i need to support the hardware i want, with a little room for future upgrades.

I’m in no way loyal to any brands, I’ve always let price dictate my purchases, so i’m looking at a very budget system that gets the job done. I’m not in a position to be picky about brands or benchmarks, i am after all relying on donations at the moment.

I don’t really care if i have an Intel or AMD CPU, i’ll just buy whatever gives me the best bang for my buck, so the motherboard i buy will need to suit what CPU is the best value.

So im asking for you help in putting together a really good budget system that’s built around the CPU. I need help deciding on a CPU that’s cheap and powerful, so i can then buy a motherboard and get things rolling.

I have come up with a budget that i think will allow for a really good system.

$100 – Motherboard (needs two pcie slots for an extra card one day)
$200 – Memory (32gb)
$300 – CPU

These prices must include postage to Australia too.

I haven’t factored in a new PSU as i only just recently bought one and i think it will be good enough to support the new system.

My current graphics card is a 2gb Radeon 6950, which is a DX11 card and will be good enough for the new system.

I will be putting my own money towards this system as soon as we are back from our holiday Next month, so don’t be too worried about the generous budget I’ve allowed for memory and CPU. I know i could spend much much less to get a system significantly faster than i currently have, but i’m not just after a machine that plays and edits Crysis 1, but also Crysis 3. If there’s a chance i can port this project over to the Crysis 3 SKD, then i want to be able to without running into more limitations later on.

So there’s a little challenge for you guys, to come up with the best budget system you can. Please be aware that the prices must be solid and not be specials that are for a limited time. I need to be able to buy these components later on at the same price.

I’ll have another update soon about the project,

Stay tuned!

~ by newoldmate on 26/01/2013.

2 Responses to “Hardware. What and where to buy?”

  1. you should check you “the tek syndicate” on youtube, they do reviews of hardware and stuff all the time, and guides on how to choose computer parts and get the most bang for your buck, everything from $1000 rigs to $300 budget units, drop em an email or ask on their site, they will probably help you out, you might even get some more exposure for your project

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