Sorry for the lack of updates guys, things have been pretty busy and i haven’t had a lot of time for the project.

When i have had time, I’ve been working on a high detailed model of the Embryonics Administration building from Jurassic Park 3. This building has been quite hard to make due to the lack of any decent reference photos and limited camera angles. I took a lot of BluRay screen captures and found quite a few photos taken years after the film was made, but there was still not many interior shots available. Scale was a struggle to get right in the beginning, but once i had the exterior scale looking right, it was a lot easier to work on interior.

The movie portrays an interior layout that doesn’t match the exterior shots. The characters walk into a room with some vending machines, then into a hallway that feeds directly into the large hatchery. However, the exterior shots show that there is a small area between the main building and the hatchery, which equates to a longer distance then they walked. My solution to this is to assume some shots were cut to speed up their progression, and i have added a few additional rooms and hallways to fill the space.

JP3 Embryonics Administration BluRay Capture

Leaving the vending machine room, players will walk down a long hallway and into a clean room, which when operational would have blown away any foreign debris on peoples clothing. From the clean room, players will enter a small security sign-in office, then onto another hallway that feeds into the hatchery. This all fits within the exterior design and matches the scenes from the movie.

I have not yet finished the model, there is still a hell of a lot of work left to do, but i thought i’d show a few simple renders.

Embryonics Administration

JP3 Embryonics Administration BluRay Capture

Embryonics Administration

Embryonics Administration

Embryonics Administration

JP3 Embryonics Administration BluRay Capture

Embryonics Administration

The model is a pretty clean model and has not had any damage added or signs of age. Edges are still quite square and may be rounded off later on, depending on poly counts. My priority is accuracy rather than extreme detail, as i want it to feature all the right details and be useable for realtime rendering. The desk for instance is not as rounded as it could be, but this is extra detail i can add later depending on the final poly count.

The exterior shutters have not been added as they will only be in the way for the moment and there is not yet any roofing or glass added.

I plan to make the hatchery as detailed and accurate as i can, along with the animal cages in the next building. The exterior shots show a lot more buildings in the distance, but how many of these will be made depends on terrain space and then if i can find a suitable use for them.

JP3 Embryonics Administration BluRay Capture

I have my holiday next Friday which is going to be awesome. The weather doesn’t look too great, but i dont care, i’m just looking forward to a relaxing time and excessively indulging 🙂 I stuffed my left shoulder on Monday which was a bit of a scare, but luckily it was just a mild tear that has responded well to some treatment and it should be all good for the holiday. Its absolutely ruined my sleep this week though!

Anyway, that’s what i’m working on while i wait for Crysis 3 to ship, and hopefully once i get back from the holiday i can focus some money on the rest of the parts i need to get a new PC together. Once this is done i can hopefully progress a lot easier and things should start looking a lot better.


~ by newoldmate on 15/02/2013.

14 Responses to “Update”

  1. Man, I get astonished every time I read your updates.

    Just keep it up. There are so many people believing in your project.

  2. Hi, i am from germany and we also love ur project! Please keep it up 🙂

  3. Hello guy! First, congratulations for your work! It is wonderful!
    Second, I count the seconds to play your new Trespasser version!
    I believe in your project and I know that you are the only one that could to make a new version of this game! When you feel sad or unmotivated about your project, think about all people that believe in you and in your work and think in all Jurassic Park and Trespasser fans!
    You can! Don’t forget this! =D

  4. Dude, I absolutely love what you’re doing with this. Trespasser was one of my childhood loves and I’ve been hoping for a remake for years now. And out of all the ones that’re happening that I’ve seen so far, yours is definitely the best and the one I’m looking forward to the most ❤

    • Thanks. Glad you like it. There a few Trespasser type projects going on at the moment, but i think the key is to not try and reinvent the wheel. Trespasser has a fan base for a reason and that’s because they like the game. I want to simply enhance and elaborate without upsetting it too much. I’m a huge JP and Trespasser fan, so this is something I’ve wanted to make for a long long time.

  5. Very nice model. Can’t wait to see the Aviary…

    • I’m really looking forward to working on the Aviary, as its going to be quite a spectacle in game due to its sheer size. I wont start work on it for a while yet though, as the terrain has to be 100%, then i can export the heightmap, cut out that area the Aviary will be in and then sculpt a terrain model from it and make the Aviary model to fit the terrain.

      Once the models made, ill then most likely have to import it into the engine and adjust the terrain again, as the model will no doubt force some changes. The terrain can be as random as i like, but the model will need to be somewhat symmetric in its design and not be too random in shape and proportions, otherwise it wont have any realistic structural integrity.

      There’s also a chance that the terrain will see a major overhaul once i get hold of the Crysis 3 SDK and have my new PC. If there’s a possibility i can use a larger heightmap to reclaim the lost 10% from Trespasser, then i will, as there are quit a few areas that i would like to have the space back. The aviary is one of them, the Embryonics Admin buildings is another and the Town would be better with a touch more space too.

      A lot of work ahead, but first, a holiday.. 🙂

  6. damn, even without any textures it already looks so freaking good…

    • Thanks. I went for a ride the other week and took my camera and got a heap of photos of weathered concrete with rusty water stains, lots of other different types of concrete and rusty metal, flaky paint, mossy bricks etc. I have a pretty good collection to make textures with now.

  7. I have to agree with bil on this one, it looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve also followed your post on TresCom and I have to say I really like how far you’ve gone with this. I’m also anxious to see what your version of the aviary will look like!

    • The aviary should look pretty cool. I have some ideas for it that should make for an exciting place to explore.

      I’m dealing with some slight size constraints, but i should be able to make do with what i have.

      I wont start work on it till the geography is done, then ill export that area of land and make the model to fit the canyon. It should look pretty amazing seeing that enormous frame overhead with mist and clouds passing through.

  8. Man…I love it as never before….that’s awsome…it’s my dream

    I can’t wait to explore it in-game!!

    please, post other screenshots of it textured, or maybe a video, please…

    here in Italy your project is the most rated, we are all with you

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