Hello there ;-)

It has been way too long since i posted an update, but to be completely honest with you, there is not a lot to update on.

I’ve been really busy with life, work, photography and potentially going back to school. I love photography and have been doing it for about 8-9 years, and although i can take a technically nice photo, i want to learn how to take a good photo. I can recognize that i am yet to develop a photographic style, and i think if i studied photography and learnt about the art of composition and framing, i might be able to take it to the next level and make a living out of it. I’m still assessing my options, because i’m not sure if a degree in visual arts (major in photography) will satisfy my needs, or if i’ll have to go to a dedicated photography collage to get the education i want. My location is a limiting factor, because i don’t have a lot of options where i live, so correspondence with a once-a-week commute to Melbourne might be required for anything more then just university.

As for news on the project, i’m in this tough position of not being able to do a hell of a lot until i get my new system together, as the project is at a point where i cant work with my current system. I have only got the new motherboard, and still need a CPU and memory. Also, i’m not too sure if the new gear will fit in my existing case, or if my PSU will be up to the task of powering it all, ill have to wait and see.

Another set back has been the lack of news from CryTek in regards to an SDK for Crysis 3. Without that, there’s no way i can port the project over and start working with the new engine.

There has been little point continuing work on the island if i’m going to port it or change the map, so it has not progressed since i last showed it off. Sorry if its a let down for those expecting fresh screenshots, but there’s no point spending time on something that’s not going to be used.

After playing through Crysis 3, i have to say that although the new engine is amazing and the new effects look spectacular, the performance hit is pretty high, and i have my doubts as to the engines ability to handle the island with the level of detail i want. There are a few large maps in Crysis 3, but nothing compared to what i have made, and my island is nowhere near complete yet. Still a lot of new vegetation species, textures and models to be made!

I’m going to have to wait till i have a new system and can test out the Crysis 3 SDK (if they ever actually release one) to see what its capable of, but i think the best solution would be to scale up the current map to the exact size the levels were in Trespasser (currently about 10% smaller), and then continue using CryEngine2. CE2 has proven itself to be a very high performance engine, and although its lacking some of the nice water effects and particles etc, the extra resources required would put it out of reach of a lot of people. Again though, i cant start this until i have a new system, as the jump to a larger map size is too much for my system.

The proof is in the screenshots really, and i’ve been very impressed with what CE2 is capable of, and with a better system, the visuals are only going to improve anyway. Hopefully with some more people on board, we can get some of our own nice water effects similar to that of Trespassers. The water ripples in C3 are nice, but they can be pretty full on, particularly when they are brighter then the available ambient light and appear in unlit areas.

The good news is that i’m still super motivated and i cannot wait to start working on the island again. Every day i visualize new areas and document ideas, and David is still working on his awesome models, which i will now show a little sample of.

Now i’m not a fan of showing off untextured WIP models, but there’s not a lot i can show you right now, and these are pretty awesome (and old btw).

Truck Render

Wireframe Truck


Door Interior

As you can see, the level o detail David is putting into these is amazing. All this detail will be captured using normal maps, so none of it will go to waste. The white InGen vehicles were the most common vehicles throughout Trespasser, so for a model you will see regularly, you want it to look good. There will be variants to the textures, with layers for overgrowth, moss, leaf litter, pine needles, etc, so that cars that have been left under trees or in damp jungles, will have realistic weathering. There will also be some damage variants, so your not seeing the same model all the time.

You will be able to open these vehicles up and search them for items. Depending on how the interaction system works, i would like the glove box to be interactive too, so you can search them for boxes of bullets, handguns, first aid, etc. The tail gates will open too, so you can load stuff into the back of any working vehicles, so you can easily transport heavy objects if need be.

Here is a more up to date shot of the barrels i posted in the last update.

Barrel Variants

This shot shows the different levels of decay and damage they will all have, so you wont be seeing the same damn barrels everywhere. I think you’ll agree it would be nice to find decayed damaged barrels at the bottom of a cliff, or hidden under layers of vegetation, rather than a nice shiny new one.

When i got back form our holiday i got the three Jurassic Park Adventure books and have been reading through them when i get the chance. I’m hoping to use some of the info in there as reference for this project, but time will tell if its of any use.

I hope you all went and seen Jurassic Park 3D!

O.M.G It was amazing and i was truly blown away by how good it looked. I can only imagine how long it must take to mask all those scenes and create the different layers of paralax depth. You can see some strange annomolies when looking at some of plants leaves in really dense scenes. They cant cut out every leaf of every tree, so it creates this bizarre effect, but it doesn’t get in the way of the movie at all. I’m just a picky bastard πŸ™‚

I got to see it at IMAX in Melbourne, which was even more amazing considering the quality held up on such a large screen. It has started showing locally, so i think we are going to see it again next week. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, go now if you still can. The only chance you’ll get is in another twenty years time they convert it to 3D holographic with smell-o-vision. Mmm, Looking forward to the West Indian Lilac πŸ˜‰

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll try and get a few up-to-date renders from David and post them next week.
I owe you guys a lot of updates!


~ by newoldmate on 11/05/2013.

4 Responses to “Hello there ;-)”

  1. Woahh! Dude it’s been a looooong time since you updated something!
    Please don’t make things so complicated, I think you should just go with the current SDK! l’ve fallen in love with the screenshots you’ve uploaded and I just can’t believe that you think that it doesn’t look good enough, it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!! You should really just finish the whole project in Cryengine 2, and then, if you have time and the resources go for cryengine 3 as a 2.0 version of Trespassingpetrolia or something like.

    And please don’t get lost for so long….what you are doing is amazing and it has touched my heart hahha, for real, man, it is wonderfull

  2. I’ve not been following you for as long as most other people have probably been, but I’m absolutely digging your sutff!
    It is AMAZING what you guys manage to do, the music, the models (I especially liked your preview of the Embryonics Administration building from last time)…
    Don’t worry about fans telling you to hurry up, they don’t know anything about making a project in dimensions like this. I’ve been waiting over 10 years to find a remake of Trespasser, I can wait another 10 years if you need the time. And if you actually do, why are you reading these comments, get to work πŸ˜‰

  3. Amazing stuff, dude πŸ™‚
    Modding is a tough job i know it myself, but your work outweights everything i’ve ever seen.
    Keep it up!

  4. Awesome to hear at least something. Great post and i love the little pictures, it shows progress :). It’s been a long time indeed, your last post was right before your holiday if i remember correctly. I hope you did have a great time!
    Too bad there isn’t much news about a SDK. We all hope you will get your new computer together very soon. So you can continue the great work. I bet you allready know what you want to buy right? As far as the PSU question, online are a bunch of nice tools which help you calculate your needed power output. Just google it.
    In earlier posts you talk about posting screenshots and/or clips. Has this idea changed or didn’t you gotten into it yet?
    Maybe such stuff would be nice content for future posts untill you get some new stuff done to show us.

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome post!

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