A quick one.

I have to go to work in a few minutes, so this is a very quick post.

I have decided i wont be remaking the map in a larger size or with the Crysis 3 SDK!

I am sticking with CE2 and continuing on with the map in its current form. I explained this in a little more detail on the TresCom forums, but basically i did some final scale tests to make sure the remake was justified, but after making some duplicate scenes i discovered the difference was not as much as i first thought. There is a size difference and i did scale the map down 10%, but that has not resulted in a 10% reduction in size, much less in fact.

This must be due to the difference in measurement scales between the two games. Player height, speed, FOV and the scale of models in Trespasser and even Crysis are all over the place, so it made it quite difficult to match my work with the original levels. The vertical scale of the original levels appear to be higher than they are in Crysis too. This might be due to how the Trespasser engine renders things. I do remember back in the day that the scale of structures in a Doom level never looked as big in Quake. This is all due to different player heights and how the engines render the same scene.

Anyway, thats great news and is very relieving for me!

Here are some more screenshots πŸ™‚

The Raptors Jungle

Thick Jungle

Rex On The Hunt

Rex On The Hunt

One more thing.

You guys should keep track of the Map on Flickr, which shows where on Isla Sorna these screenshots were taken πŸ™‚

Because Trespassers version of Isla Sorna is based on the real life Isla Del Coco, it allows me to Geo Tag the screenshots and place them on the island where they were taken in the game! Now you can see which level the shots are from and match them with the shape of the island.

You will also notice there are no shots from the north end of the island (south west on the map). This is because i have not yet started working on that end of the island.

Gotta go now,


~ by newoldmate on 16/05/2013.

14 Responses to “A quick one.”

  1. Congratulations for the nice progress these past years. Fans like us are crazy for your ramake!

  2. Awesome jungle scenery! I love how real it looks. Makes me almost wish I was able to do something like this. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    • Thanks. It looks better in motion, believe me.

      Seeing a soldier wander through there with the leaves bending as he walks through them is pretty amazing.

      Throwing a barrel into the jungle and watching it roll along is just as impressive, as the plants move and react as it hits the leaves and branches.

      A raptor slowly stalking through here will look amazing. Tilting its head around and looking for prey.

      Compys will be great as they jump around and bounce through the jungle. They will make heaps of noise and cause all the leaves to shake and bend. It will look awesome.

      Dont even get me started on the species that are big enough to break the trees! πŸ™‚

      • This is sounding so awesome.
        I hope we can maybe see a video sometime soon! πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, speaking about the soldier; I was reading on your TresCom forum about you possibly adding poachers in the latter part of the game, or add another person who is surviving on the island, are you still going to do that? Cause if you are, I’m all for it!

  4. Great to see these long promised shots.
    Somehow i am happy you deceided to stick with the current map (size). Since switching it would have had a huge impact on the development cycle.
    These posts shortly after eachother show you are as enthusiastic as ever!
    And it is great to see what effect it has on the community. I myself do a lot more lurking on the Trescom forums because of it these days.
    Hopefully you will get your pc upgraded very soon, if everybody who is stoked for this donates a couple of bucks you could develop quicker and more.
    I am saving for a second donation because i truly believe you are creating a gem here.

    As far as the project goes i am ecstatic about what you will do with Pine Forrest and the Ascent levels.
    For the new parts i am qurious what you will come up with for the Plantation House area. And the area with the washed out bridges and roads (between Jungle Road and the Town level, the stream running from the Plantation House area close to the starting beach).

    Could you tell us anyting about the programming or possible programmer in order to recreate certain Trespasser aspects. And or anything about the AI or plans about it, in a future update?

    Btw, you have had contact with the big man himself. Do you plan on talking about it or is that a surprise for later?

    As allways, awesome work and godspeed!

  5. I apologise in advance if you have already answered this before but it bugs me every time I see a picture post with the Tyrannosaurus in shot.

    With the size of the tyrannosaurus and some of the other larger dinosaurs in the original game, how will you tackle models clipping in to vegetation? In the original game this problem didn’t really prop up because of the sparse and unpopulated levels, but with some of the lush and dense forests you are posting screen shots of I wonder how something like a tyrannosaurus will look when moving.

    Perhaps it’s a small issue that can be solved with the placement of larger, more open areas for big dinosaurs when needed or wanted, I see you allude to having the larger dinosaurs breaking the trees they come in to contact with, I just wanted to see how you would tackle it.

    • Hopefully its not a huge issue.

      Dinos will be placed in areas that best suit their size. Larger dinos in more open areas, like you said.

      Raptors in jungle areas will probably be subject to this issue than any others, because they will spend more time in the dense vegetation than any other species. There’s really no reason why they would clip into solid objects any more than a soldier did in Crysis, but i can understand your concern. Big whippy tails will come in contact with trees and plants as they move about, but providing they are solid objects, then the engine should take care of it. Skeletal tolerances should allow the tails to bend and move when they hit objects, and when they come into contact with smaller vegetation species that can bend, then the plants should give way first. Trees that can break will break if the tolerance of the skeleton is higher, that way a big tail will break a tree if its swung around quickly.

      There are species of plants (generally very small or very large) that have branches that are not set up to be interactive, so there will be clipping when ANY object comes into contact with them, not just dinos. This stuff is unavoidable and is something we are going to have to put up with for a few more years yet. Soft body physics will eventually put an end to this, but it would require every object to have a level of physical detail that current systems couldn’t process fast enough.

      The dino’s should be on par with the Korean soldiers in Crysis. So whatever clipping you’ve ever seen happen to a soldiers in Crysis, will possibly happen to the dino’s too.

      • My main concern was the tails but it seems that is covered. I wasn’t too sure how easy something like that would be to handle having only dabbled with the engine a bit, thanks for the response and keep up the amazing work.

  6. Oh gawd this is amazing man, I can’t wait for your remake to be released! I swear I’ll play it all day long! It’s amazing what you have achieved so far, and I agree with your decision of not porting it to Crisis 3 SDK, because It looks freakishly amazing just like that, and you’ve put up so much effort on this version, I can assure you, real trespasser fans won’t complain!! I enjoy every single screenshot you update, and I can’t wait to see it done.

    I started making my own “remake” of trespasser as soon as I found out about crysis SDK’s (before I knew about your project) and I first tried out the Far Cry 3 editor, which was sadly small and limited. And so far I’ve learnt lots of stuff from the SDK editor, but I’m not a professional 3D artist or animator, so I’m amazed at how your dinosaurs look, they’re amazing. My island is smaller, and I’m not planning to publish it anywhere, I made it for me and my son (who’s also a fan of trespasser) but it’s lacking dinosaurs, I managed to get a raptor from the internet. But that’s it. I’d love to see some Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyranosaurus and such on my Island, but I guess I’m not so skilled to achieve that, so I guess I’ll just wait for your awesome remake :). And let me tell you, my son and I, we’re both so excited about this!

    Congratulations, your work is amazing!

  7. I’ve been following this project since you started! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings.
    Absolutely stunning work! I can’t wait to play it. You’ve got some serious talent and skills. I’m glad that you’re able to continue working on it again!
    If you need another tester, I’m ready and willing!

    Also, If you’re on twitter, please follow me πŸ™‚
    I’ve started a company developing an awesome dinosaur game for mobile that will be out very soon!

  8. looks great! keep up this amazing works!

  9. You are a god. This looks amazing. I am at a loss for words. How have I just found out about this!?

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