Im not dead :-)

Hey guys, dont worry ill have an update for you soon, im just putting in a lot of hours, trying to get as much done as possible.

Im in the process of updating the beaches with new details before i start work on a new big section of beach in Jungle Road. This was the site in the original game where the little girl at the start of The Lost World met with the compys. Known as Cathy’s beach, it will be one of the largest beaches on the island and will take quite a bit of time to finish.

I’ve been tweaking the TimeOfDay (lighting system) more and have managed to squeezed more niceness out of it. Colours are more lush now, with a push towards “beautiful photo” as opposed to “realistic game”. Ocean colour, sky, lighting color, white balance and eye adaption have all been improved and it now looks really nice. Particularly with a shallow depth if field, because it makes it look immediately more photo realistic.

Im also playing about with recording video off the screen using my phone. I’ve had pretty good results using my very dodgy “shoved into camera tripod” setup, so i might spend some time working on a slightly less dodgy Lego constructed mount that i can position in front of the monitor properly. If i could find an Android video app that allowed manual exposure control, i could stop the camera from trying to compensate exposure and causing everything to bloom whenever it gets bright. I have to warn you now that the quality is not great, but this method does allow me to actually record some video, that would otherwise bring my system to a crawl. Just watch the video and look at the screens and merge the two 🙂

I gotta go to work now, but when i get back ill post a few glamor shots by deb to tide you over before the next proper update.


~ by newoldmate on 24/06/2013.

12 Responses to “Im not dead :-)”

  1. Sounds awesome, thanks for the update. Glad to hear the project is still moving forward!
    Keep it up!

  2. Good to hear from you! Can’t wait!

  3. Can’t you use something like FRAPS to capture the video?

    • For a long time I’ve been putting off recording videos specifically because of the performance hit from programs like fraps. I’ve made several posts about this, and the very post you’ve commented on touches on it too; “..the quality is not great, but this method does allow me to actually record some video, that would otherwise bring my system to a crawl”

      I’m not prepared to release footage that shows the game running slowly, and i’m now considering not releasing footage captured with my phone, because no doubt i’ll be judged harshly on that too. “The video quality is not great, so therefore the game looks crap.”

      Internet mentality at work.

      I think i’ll just hold off till i have a new system. It will look good and save me a whole lot of head banging!

      • Assuming it’s even within the realm of possibility, I’d be willing to try and make some recordings for you, if you’re interested.
        Just let me know. (I also build websites if you ever need a new one :P)

  4. Glad you’re still on this! Can’t wait to see the new and improved Cathy’s Beach!

  5. Hey man!!! Great work as always. About movie maker program… Try one called CAMTASIA – it’s free for 30 days, easy to use and edit and it’s way better than FRAPS (it runs smoothly and offers almost HD movies)…


    • Its still not an option unfortunately. Performance even without a capture app running is not good enough to show. The mob is a harsh bunch!

  6. I really hope to see this remake come to market! Trespasser’s always held a certain appeal for me, so you’ll have my money if (or when) this game drops.

    • Would be a dream if I got the chance. CryEngine is very expensive, so perhaps a more a likely option would be an expansion for Crysis, like warhed was. Access to the source would be great for all the new features!

      • Have you considered a Kickstarter project? (In other words, an advance sale of your game.) Of course, you may have to get legal advice regarding content. However you go about it, there’s ways you can validate the market and get funding to license CryEngine. And I hope you do both!

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