New shots soon..

Theres a bit of down time at work, so i thought i might post a quick one. I’ll have some new shots for you soon with an overhauled lighting setup.

Best. Lighting. Yet.

The starting beach all the way to the first monorail station is now 95% complete. It just needs the new models (for the resort structure etc), entities and triggers and its done. Vegetation is now really full and more detailed than I’ve shown before, you’ll love it.

The environment is really coming alive now, with frogs croaking and jumping around water holes, butterflies wandering around, little swarms of flies in open patches of sunlight and hanging around water sources and certain types of plants, and if you get close enough to the water, you can even see tiny little water bugs swarming around. One thing I really want, is to make the leaves falling from the trees rest on the waters surface for a moment before fading away. Little touches like this will really help.

When there is ambient sounds and the odd gentle breeze blowing through the trees its going to be pretty special.

Stay tuned!

~ by newoldmate on 29/06/2013.

4 Responses to “New shots soon..”

  1. “it’s going to be pretty special”… just before a dinosaur tries to rip your head off πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds more like its gonna be outta this world! I’m looking forward to when we’ll be able to hear the sounds just as you described them. I wait for the shots with great anticipation!

  3. Very stoked about this! I think it’s great to see all these pictures so regular. I hope you also very much enjoy working on it πŸ™‚

    Btw, any news on models, trees, dino’s. And help from other people?

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