Video :-)

As i type this, my computer is slaving away compiling an almost HD 30fps video of a flythrough of the Starting Beach and half of Jungle Road. How exciting!

I spent a few hours learning the ins and outs of the sequence editor and then made a nice smooth flythrough with plenty of banking and sweeping turns. I had it looking really good till I lost it all after an editor crash. Yay.

Second time round was a lot easier and once it was finished, I set about finding a way to capture the frames “offline” or in a pre-rendered way to avoid performance issues. I came across a console command that forces the game to run at a fixed rate so that regardless of slowdowns it captures the frames smoothly with no stuttering. Great for recording video but useless for real time.

The video quality is not as high as the screenshots I’ve been posting, its the same as the editor resolution which is only about 1430×930, and unfortunately does not have any AA, but if I can increase the resolution of the captured frames, I will do that for future videos.

The captured frames are compiling very slowly, but should hopefully be ready to upload by tomorrow morning after work.

Now here’s the catch.

This video will be (initially) only available to those who have donated to the project. So if you are a donator, please keep an eye on your inbox for the email address you used to donate.

This is not a cheeky push for more donations, its simply a reward for those who have supported me!

I will be starting work on an updated video as soon as this one has finished uploading, to add a few extra shots, audio, and to tidy up a few areas and add more detail in certain areas of the island. The flythrough shows a lot of temporary models and also some areas that are only about 60-70% complete, but its pretty good for a first effort. Its been a long time coming!

Once the video is up, ill make a quick post here letting you know to check your inbox.


~ by newoldmate on 01/07/2013.

5 Responses to “Video :-)”

  1. All i can say is, i am super excited about this! I am looking forward watching the video.

  2. Exciting stuff…I always look forward to your next update…

  3. Glad that you’ve made a video at last. Guess I’ll just have to wait until those who haven’t donated get to watch it. Sucks, but I’ll live with it. Looking forward to when I can watch it!

    • Dont worry mate, it wont be that long before its available to everyone, I just think that people who have supported me deserve some special attention first. I’m a backer of the Jurassic Park Origins movie, and they have not uploaded ANY exclusive content for backers. Its a bit disappointing really.

      • Don’t worry about it, I understand perfectly. I can wait my turn.

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