Slight delay..

Hey guys, sorry to disappoint, but i’m not at all happy with the quality of this video.

The compression is absolutely terrible and has really butchered it.
Take a look for yourselves: Original Top, Compressed Bottom.

Video Quality Comparison

Pretty horrible really and with noticeable compression artifacts its just a mess.. Urgh.

I’m going to re-encode it and try again, i’ll also try a few quality settings in the editor to improve the resolution and draw distance etc.

It wont take too long, it should be up by tonight or tomorrow!

~ by newoldmate on 02/07/2013.

7 Responses to “Slight delay..”

  1. Can’t waiit for the video. Take your time, it’s better to get a better video later.

  2. try using WinFF. It’s a great little utility for video encoding that uses FFMPEG. Easy to use and does a great job. I used it this weekend to encode some children’s videos to put on my iPad mini for my daughter. Just google WinFF.

    • Its alright, ive got my codecs sorted and my recording method too. Thanks anyway!

  3. Wow, I agree with you on the horrible compression. I mean, yowza, talk about different shading levels and colors as well.

    • Yeah its a shocker. I’m all sorted for a super high quality vid soon though, so dont worry!

  4. I am not at all dissapointed. Seeing the quality and seeing you want to strife for the best quality to represent your work. It is totally not bad waiting some more. It could have been a dissapointment if this video was released. I’d say, good call. I’m looking forward seeing the high quality one.
    Nice work mate!

  5. really want to see the finished product! Keep it up!

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