Frame by Frame

I decided to go all out on this video, so its taken a bit longer than expected.

Ive added a heap of new shots, improved the detail in some areas, increased draw distance, and bumped video resolution up to 3840×2441. High res enough? 🙂

Its basically the same resolution as the large images ive been posting, but with improved draw distance, full lighting and post processing effects intact. All running at a solid 30fps.

There are a couple of artifacts ive noticed that im assuming are engine related. Theres a particular shot where the camera shoots up over a fallen tree and looks down over that area and you can see some objects and vegetation disappear momentarily. Im guessing the engine is at its limits here because there is quite a lot to draw at once. It may not look like there’s much visible, but the engine can see a lot from this perspective. Throughout the whole video there are the odd shots where rocks and vegetation momentarily disappear then reappear, ill try my best to correct this stuff if at all possible.

For some unknown reason the animals are not showing up. No birds, frogs, crabs or turtle. Not sure what the cause is, but i came across some other people who had the same issue and couldnt fix it. It could be a cinematic thing, that automatically disables them. All the insects are in place and can be seen buzzing about.

The video is capturing as i type and has taken a good 5-10 minutes to capture only about a minute of footage! Its gonna be a long watch i think, but it looks so good i wanna stay up!

I’ll use the absolute best compression i can, and upload at the highest res possible. I cant imagine how long its going to take, many, many hours. I just hope youtube doesn’t butcher it.

Stay tuned, its gonna be worth it 🙂

~ by newoldmate on 03/07/2013.

4 Responses to “Frame by Frame”

  1. I don’t think Youtube will do anything to your video. They only do things like that if it’s copyrighted, too mature, or if the video is very, very bad quality. Trust me, I know how Youtube works. Anyways, sounds similar to what happened in my 3D class. We had to make like two minute long video’s and it took some of us 5 hours just to do a minute!

  2. Do you think maybe after all the people who donated viewed it, us poor folk could see it? I’ve been following since this began, and I gotta tell ya man, it looks amazing! Can’t wait until its done and I can play it!

    • Yeah of course, the video will be private for about maybe a week and if there’s anything that needs fixing or changed, I’ll do that and make the next one available to everyone. It will only be private for about a week. Who knows someone might leak it before then!

  3. After a long day at work and preparing for a couple of tests for my school i find this great message in my inbox. I’m very excited and i wait in anticipation for the release of the video. Great job, putting our the first one 🙂
    This will probably result in a new wave of attention after it goes public. I’m equally excited for the reactions when kotaku or any other blog does another piece on your project. Fingers crossed!

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