Sneak Peek

After capturing the video last night, I decided it would be a good idea to resize all the captured frames and add the vignette using Lightroom before encoding, that way i can control the quality of the resize and also get the vignette exactly how i like. This should not only improve quality, but also take a lot of pressure off the encoder and speed things up, so any future encoding changes wont have to repeat so many processes.

Anyway, while the video encodes, here are a couple of shots from the first half.

These are 100% in-game with no post processing other than downsizing and vignetting applied.

Video Capture - Beach

Video Capture - Rex

Video Capture - Jungle

Video Capture - Resort

Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Edit: Just to clarify, I said in my previous post I was going to capture the frames at 1920×1221, but after a quick test, the quality was nowhere near what I wanted. So again i captured at 3840×2441 and I’m downsizing to 1920×1221. I’ll crop out 141 pixels from the top and bottom to get the 1080 required by the codec.

~ by newoldmate on 06/07/2013.

12 Responses to “Sneak Peek”

  1. Great… Can’t wait to find a link in my mail ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Me too!

  3. Indeed, me too. These shots are beautiful!

  4. These stills look awesome! Looking forward to when I will be able to watch it!

  5. Hello!

    i can’t wait to see your completed stuff =)
    i’m very exited at the moment. every day i read and wait for your next blog ๐Ÿ˜‰
    a childhood dream comes true!

    greetings daniel

  6. Rather than another post, ill let you know whats happening here.

    I have a really nice quality encoding method that only takes about 2 hours to complete and only 3-4 hours to upload. It looks great and has very few compression artifacts, but that was until youtube re-encoded it, which added a lot of compression artifacts and is simply not good enough.

    So I’ve re-encoded with higher quality and added some sharpening to hopefully help the detail hold up after youtube butchers it. Ive also added an audio track with music from Trespasser, and right now im just waiting for the upload to finish so i can review the quality.

    The upload is.. Slow. Really slow. 17 hours slow, but ill be uploading from another source tomorrow which should only take about an hour.

    The video is 2048×1152 to bump the rate up and qualify as “original quality”, which will hopefully reduce compression.

    So right now im just trying to find an encoding method that holds up after youtube is through with it. Im confident this upload will be good enough to share with you, but ill be trying alternate methods to reduce upload time, as 17 hours is not an option for future uploads.

  7. For faster upload times it’s helpful to have the video already at the target resolution, so when youtube or vimeo re-encodes, it doesn’t have to perform any scaling. Also, I believe H.264 is the standard codec for both websites. In other words, take your 2k source file and encode it down to 1080p or 720p H.264 before hitting the upload button. Should speed things up quite a bit!

    • I’ve tried lots of different formats, bitrates and resolutions, and so far the best results have been from larger resolutions with higher bitrates and using wmv11 codec. I found other formats are killing the levels and washing out the colours. See one of my previous posts for an example. I’m in the process of uploading a 1650×9-something file with some added sharpening to see how the quality holds up. My girlfriend works at a local internet provider and is going to upload the big version for me later today. They have a pretty wicked upload speed. So when I said I was uploading from a different source, I should have said The Source ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • haha, been there before. best of luck to you, sir!

      • I was just about to suggest the wmv codec myself. Iโ€™ve been uploading gaming footage for 2+ years to youtube and Iโ€™ve found that wmv has the best results and smallest filesize for youtube. Everyone seems to suggest some form of an 264 and mp4 combination but the end result is a messy upload and a filesize that is 2x the size of wmv. I would also highly encourage rendering at 1080p max. Youtube takes any sizes higher than that and reprocesses it to 1080p. That may be why you are seeing some of the post upload issues. WMV at 720 and 1080 are where itโ€™s at for youtube it seems โ€“ despite what even google recommends.

        BTW I love the project and would love to help in any way I can. Hit me up if you think I could help with anything (trailers, video work, etc.). Keep up the good work!

      • Super excited! can it be true we have the 1st rolling footage in 24 hours from now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Out without words. This is pure awesomeness.

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