The Video Is Up!

Donators, check your email!

If i have missed anyone, i’m sorry for that, but be sure to email me and ill track you down in my email history and send you the link.

Feel free to leave comments here as well as on YouTube.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

~ by newoldmate on 09/07/2013.

14 Responses to “The Video Is Up!”

  1. All right! You’ve finally done it! Now, when are you planning on making it available to the rest of us?

    • Yeah Id love to donate but I just got a new job and it pays shit, I can barely make my rent I’ve been supporting this site for a year now and telling my friends and everyone I talk to who are trespasser fans about it.

    • yes I’d like to know as well? thank you.

  2. I need to get a pulley, my jaw is still somewhere on the ground.
    Awesome work, let the crazy times begin when this hits public πŸ˜‰

  3. wtf… you email us non donators about a new video… and we can’t even watch it? wtf kind of shit is this? I would donate if I could, but I literally am poor as fuck. I don’t even have a credit card or bank account…. Please don’t tease me with a video I can’t even watch. fucked up bro.

  4. Yeah nevermind. If this is the way it’s going to be. Not interested in your project anymore.

  5. I mean, I get an email, “the video is up!” can’t even watch it. Why even send that to non-donators if we can’t watch it? That’s just messed up.. Clearly just trying to garner more donations to watch a who-knows-how-long-video… never donating now.

  6. how do i unsubscribe from this site?

  7. What a fucking joke… There are plenty of indie developers out there who put out video progress of their work for FREE. What the fuck kind of elitist bullshit are you trying to pull here? Severely disappointed in these antics of yours…. I just can’t believe this…. Don’t email non donators about a new video if we can’t watch it. Disgraceful.

    • Dude. Relax. I didn’t intentionally email you to tease you, you are/were a subscriber, so you received an email notifying you of the post. I wasn’t sure about posting on the blog for that exact reason, but seeing as some people probably subscribed using a different email than the one they used to donate, I wanted to be sure they got it. Now without focusing too much on the inappropriate tone of your comments, you would be advised to go back and read over my previous posts, which state that the video will be for donators first and then soon after will be available to everyone else. There’s a real good chance you will see an updated version that is better than what donators have seen anyway. As a backer of the Jurassic Park Origins project, its disappointing that they have not released any exclusive content for backers, its all available on Facebook. I want to be sure people who have backed my project actually do get some special treatment now and then. Feel free to unsubscribe yourself if you like, but I think you’re overreacting.

  8. Ich have donated, but i havn’t got an email with the link. : (

  9. Mr. Ellis, How about a nice update on the Trescom forums. I bet those guys are eager to hear from you too.

    • I agree, there hasn’t been an update on TresCom from you in a while. I think they’d like to know about your video as well.

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