Inside The Ops Building

The Ops Building

The Ops Building

~ by newoldmate on 07/08/2013.

7 Responses to “Inside The Ops Building”

  1. sick bro. great job (:
    much love!

  2. Awesome work. 😀 But I hope you’re gonna add more stuff to the lobby.

  3. Nice texture work. Maybe you could add some Crysis trash (like furniture etc from that game). My favorite building from the game is Wo house. Looking forward to see it 🙂

  4. Totally loving the vibe in this one!
    Allso great to see a high res texture of the wallpaper. Did you made that one yourself?

    • Yeah a quick google found that one, and some adjustments in PS got it looking right.

  5. I wont be adding too much extra stuff, only a touch more than the original game. I wont be really sprucing things up till stage 3.

  6. Please give us a screenshot or maybe a video of your new Embryonic administration building, I can’t wit for it!

    However you’re making a very very very good job, you’re the best

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