Church Done. Thank God.

You’ve probably noticed the image feed from Flickr on the right has been updating with images of the Church as i’ve been working on it. I didn’t really want to post lots of updates here, i wanted to wait till it was in-game and show it all at once.

The Church took a long time to import because it had a lot of materials. So many that it actually exceeded CryEngines limit for one model! The reason there were so many materials is because of the maximum texture resolution Trespasser had, which was 256×256. So when a single wall needs a 1024×512 texture, it had to be split into 8 smaller textures and each of them require their own material. They all added up to about 86-87 and the CryEngine limit was about 63-64. I combined as many textures as possible and got the number down to 31, including a new one.

While i was at it i thought i might as well fix a few things and add some extra details, as a bit of an exercise in learning 3DS Max. The extra detail isn’t much, i tried to keep it within the realm of the original game, this is after all only stage 1.

Now getting a bit off track, i want to remind everyone of what it is i’m doing, as there seems to be a LOT of confusion.

Stage 1 is simply a prototype. Stage 1 will look like the original game, using as much as i can from Crysis. Stage 1 will be released as soon as its completed.

I am only importing models from Trespasser if i cant recreate them using assets from Crysis.

I have no plans to add any extra detail, features, or areas that were not in the original game. I’m getting a lot of questions and suggestions that there needs more detail here, or more objects there. If it wasn’t in the original game, it wont be in Stage 1. Simple as that.

Stage one is basically a custom Crysis map that looks like Trespasser.

This Church model needed to be fixed and i needed to learn how to use Max. All future models will remain as they were, with the only modifications being what is required for them to be imported into CryEngine. If i choose to modify a model for any other reason, it is for my own amusement.

The Ops building i posted in my previous post is a perfect example of how all future models will look. The model is exactly as it was in the Beta. I simply cleaned up a few very bad textures and added a few decals and chairs to spice it up. About the only objects that were in that building in the original, were a white board, some stuff in the control room, and maybe some old PC’s. I’ll add this stuff if i can find suitable models among the hundreds of objects from Crysis, otherwise ill skip it till stage 2.

Don’t get me wrong. I love all the comments and emails and suggestions! But when some of the questions i’m being asked are answered in the very post the comment was left on, it makes me wonder if anyone is actually reading my posts, or only looking at the pictures?

I’m going to update the About page at some point and explain the Stages and also add a small FAQ, to hopefully clarify things for new visitors.

Getting back to the Church model..

I added some extra joists in the roof, rafters, collar ties / jack rafters, edge boards, recessed the windows, made a cat walk to the steeple, extended the steeple inside the church a little, hollowed the steeple so it gives access to the bell via a ladder and hatch, added a rope hand rail on the cat walk, added some shelves to the back rooms, and fixed lots of problems here and there.

In stage 3, the cat walk will be put to use as there will be an item up there you need. Access to the catwalk is via the top floor storage room, but this door will be locked and you will have to find the keys. None of this will come into play until stage 3 though.

After all the work i did, i forgot to import the big staircase that leads to the top floor.. haha. This can be a stage 1 challenge for players to reach the top floor, as the big jump in Strength mode wont even reach.

I’ll most likely move onto Hammonds house next and after that.. well i’m not sure. There’s still lots of buildings to import!
I’m kinda itching to import the white truck and i do actually want to fix a few things on it, but i might try and get more buildings done first.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Church In Game

Bad image i know, but im saving an external shot for when the whole town is finished. It will look a lot better!

Church In Game

Added a new hand rail down stairs.

Church In Game

The ropes have knots on the ends and where the hole in the roof is, the rope is cut and the ends hang down.

Church In Game

Being able to walk inside the steeple really helps make the building feel more real and functional.

~ by newoldmate on 11/08/2013.

19 Responses to “Church Done. Thank God.”

  1. Hallelujah…Praise the Lord 😉
    Texture work looks really nice considering it is based on very old textures…
    It’s a real pleasure to watch how you expand your game making skills – 3d modeling, texturing, level design. Truly there is very bright future for you in the gaming industry. After this project your CV credentials will be sky high.

  2. Oh man I swear I just want to walk into Hammond’s house and listen to the Hammond’s house music theme. You are doing such an amazing work!!!!!

  3. in the pre-release version would be a tree in the church that would have broken the floor and ceiling. I think it would be cool to put a tree in the church.

  4. Looks great! Can’t wait to play this, and the subsequent versions with more added in the future! Amazing stuff!

  5. You are the man! Thanks a bunch for doing this! It looks amazing. When I get my next paycheck expect a donation.

  6. Mate the new cryengine is out! you should give it a try 🙂

    • Nice timing! I’m using it right now! First impressions.. Not good. Made a new map and tried to import the height map and it crashes with an insufficient memory error. That’s pretty lousy. An empty map with nothing in it, no textures, nothing and it crashes. Not a good start!

      • Super Fast reply xD, anyways i hope you got the error fixed

      • I think the only fix will be getting the new pc running. Crytek always answer criticism like this as “the minimum recommended specs are blah blah..” rather than “yes it’s unusual the editor is unable to process such a simple task compared to what you were able to do with CE2 using the same system”.

      • did you tried to make an island with the same size in the new cryengine (just a simple island) ? to see ^^

      • I mean not importing..just to see ^^ i’m not a modder (in CE..) so sorry if my question is stupid 😀

      • Yeah I’m working on a small island, only about 100 metres across. Its not impressing me. The most obvious downgrade is the engine using FP16 for terrain which means it’s not as detailed as CE2 can be (it’s a bit blocky) , and from what I’ve read on the CryDev forums, it’s an absolute mess. Bugs galore, missing features, rushed. CryDev went down for about 2 weeks and I think in that time they slapped this “new” cry engine together to try and win over lost developers and attract new ones. Everything about it feels rushed and half arsed. I just don’t think I’m willing to allocate a large amount of time to learn all the new features and changes to existing ones, because already there’s an increase in system requirements just for creating an empty level. This will translate to a bigger performance hit later in development and will mean a lot of the people following this won’t be able to play it.

      • Okey i understand 🙂

  7. That’s a real bummer. Considering people hoped for the best. Then again the latest games from Crytek wheren’t PC exclusive. That’s why they probably lack in quality due to the attention and development time they received.
    Putting that aside, i am curious like a little puppy over the progress (or process) update of John Hammond’s Mansion.

    • Hammond house was an f’n nightmare. It drove me bonkers how messed up it was. It had to be remade from scratch to overcome some material I.d errors. There was just so many hidden polygons that had old materials applied that were impossible to find. I had to add a mesh modifier and go through the material I.d’s one at a time to find them because they wouldn’t show up in the material editor. Not fun. Probably a simple thing for max pro’s, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. I’ve been pretty sick the last week or so and have had a little break from working on it. Was starting to go a bit nutty!

  8. That sucks on the health part, over here there are also a lot of people having colds and flue’s and whatnot.
    So what is your plan for the house? Retrace to rebuild it like an exact copy. Make a model from scratch and use that?
    Btw a buddy of mine is a real Max guru and he specializes in buildings and architecture. I could ask politely if he is willing to invest some time into it. He is a trespasser fan and knows about your project. If you are interested drop me an email so we can talk specifics. 🙂

  9. If you need some hand with your great project try put it on – it should draw some attention and maybe some 3d modelers will join you.

  10. Was wondering what happened to you. Get well soon.

  11. Καληνύχτα Τζας,όνειρα γλυκά και ΑΠΟΝΗΡΕΥΤΑ.

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