I’m still alive

Just a quick one to say im still alive, just been a bit sick that’s all.

Really shitty weather over the past month is to blame, constant rain and cold temperatures have taken their toll. This week is looking pretty good, but the rain was back again today. It will be nice to have a week of no rain so i can get into the garden and try and make it not look like something from Jumanji. The cat will go missing soon.

I’ve had a little break from editing as i was going a bit bonkers staring at the 3DS Max interface, working long hours and seemingly getting nowhere. The models are killing me and are such a boring thing to work on. Hammond’s house was basically stuffed and essentially had to be remade, and in the end i still had errors when i tried to export. Some poly’s must still exist with degenerate surfaces and materials that dont exist but are still applied somewhere, somehow. Nightmare.

There is a “new” version of CryEngine out, something they are labeling as a whole new engine and not an update. Its named version 3.5.3, which to me sounds like its still based on the Free SDK, but they are calling it a whole new engine.

It looks to have most of the features that Crysis 3 had, but from what im reading on the forums, its very buggy and a lot of features are missing or incomplete.

The CryDev site was hacked a few weeks ago and all of CryTek’s sites were down for nearly 3 weeks. CryDev never posted anything about what happened and there has been no mention of it on the forums, like at all. Bizarre. What i’m starting to think is that it was done by people who are obviously pissed off with CryTek’s use of a log-in system for using the Free SDK, and thought if they down the site and services, then people wont be able to use the SDK and they will be forced to change it. I think it worked. The SDK requires you to log in and be online to do any editing or testing of content made with it. Not a big issue really considering most people are online 24/7, but when the sites go down and you cant work on your project for the entire duration or even access the Wiki, its pretty lame.

There are some people who have lost all their work because while offline, the encryption was corrupted and all their work is not recognized by the software. If this happened to me, it would have been the end of the project. I would have abandoned it and never returned.

I think in the weeks CryTek were offline, they slapped this new engine together, along with a new website and some promotional videos of old content and its their attempt at winning back lost developers and attracting new ones. The problem is though, its not very good.

My first attempt at using it was met with failure. I created a new level, it then allocated the required assets and then prompted me to generate a surface texture. I did this and then saved it and loaded up the old editor so i could export my heightmap used in Stage 1. I then re starterd the new engine and tried to import the heightmap and it crashed with an insufficient memory error. Whaaa? This is an empty level with nothing but an ocean water plane and some untextured flat terrain and it required more memory?! My system was capably of creating what you seen in the flythrough video and yet this new engine cant even import a less detailed terrain?

The terrain not only has less features, but it also has less detail. Since CE3, they switched to floating point 16 precision, which means there’s less information stored for the vertices used in the terrain and im assuming all models. This makes the terrain appear obviously blocky and what is a smooth curved hill in CE2 is turned into a hill with noticeable sides

It runs like an absolute dog too, the demo Forest map is just a slideshow of errors. There are poly’s stretched across the entire map, most likely caused from tessellated models, which is something i encountered in Crysis3. Walking inside a building, ill look to my left and the room is lit correctly with shadows and only some light coming through the open door, then i turn to my right and the room turns full bright and all lighting is broken.

Something is seriously wrong and i doubt its simply because the engine is crap, its probably driver related or something, but still, how can something so basic be so demanding and riddled with errors?

I’m going to play with it a bit more and see if i can get anything out of it, but having already run into memory errors, its not looking good. I mean, if it needs more memory just to import the heightmap, i’ve got no chance at all getting it to look anything like i had in Stage 1, let alone what you seen in the flythrough video, that’s for damn sure.

Using this engine would also mean i’d have to jump straight to Stage 2 and make everything, because you cant use Crysis assets or anything from the SDK in your projects.

I’ll stick with it a bit longer and post anything of interest i come up with, but im not holding my breath.

~ by newoldmate on 28/08/2013.

29 Responses to “I’m still alive”

  1. Hold on…confused now..what editor WERE you using to do all those detailed map areas? …the one seen in the fly through video? was that the CE3 sandbox editor or was it CE2 sandbox editor or was it the Crysis Wars Editor? :S

    • Just plain old vanilla Crysis, which is CryEngine 2.

      CryEngine 3 has never been any good on my system and despite its improvements, its still not as good as CE2 in my eyes.

      They need a PC only version or just an option to develop a PC only project. The consoles have held that engine back big time.

      Crysis is like 6 years old and can out do what this “new” engine can do.

      Its infuriating!

  2. I agree, even Crysis Warhead didn’t quite look as good or realistic as good ol vanilla Crysis, the kind of photorealism you can achieve with the first Crysis exceeds whatever they ve done till date…but that’s just my opinion 😉

  3. Any idea why the switched the new editor to use floating point 16 precision? If it makes things less detailed, it just sounds like backtracking. Is there supposed to be some awesome tradeoff to it or what?

    I’m glad you’re still continuing this project, I check this website almost every day. You should consider posting some screen shots of you building models while in the editor itself, might be kind of interesting to see, slight change of pace (And don’t think that means I don’t absolutely love seeing new island updates as well).

    When the times comes in the future to model the dinosaurs themselves, are you also planning to do that yourself or are you going to look for possible outside help on that?

    • Would be for the consoles. FP16 would be less demanding for them.

      Once they move onto developing for the new gen consoles, we will see a big jump in PC quality!

      Not sure about Dinosaur models, i’ve made some myself, but they need a lot of work to bring them up to scratch. I think i would prefer someone who was a master of Zbrush to take on that job, to ensure they look as good as possible!

  4. Feeling any better?

    • Yes, and have a bit more free time now!
      Thanks for asking 🙂

      • Good. Now go do awesome. Oh, and check your PM’s over at Trescom when you get the chance.

  5. Stick with previous cryengine… Graphics isn’t everything.

  6. after your last post, i began researching into how much you devoted yourself and your time and resources into this, and i understand the frustration behind this text. i read all 49 pages on trescom forum from day one, and i got more – less familiar with the crew supplying you with feedback and advices. personally, if you had to give up, i would not hold a grudge, because you would have to start from scratch on all the work you made from over 2 years. i do hope that your health is getting better and that you will soon drop a few words confirming that. all the best, mate.

  7. THE FLOOR RAPTORS, MAKE THE FLOOR RAPTORS! Oh, and I hope your feeling better.

  8. Longtime lurker. I’m very excited about your work. I love that you keep everyone updated with all of the work that you do. Granted, I can’t understand 100%, but I do feel your frustration and I hope everything gets easier for you!

  9. I have a suggestion/request: Make the game work with the Razer Hydra.

    I don’t know how hard this would be to implement, but if you look at the two games that take full advantage of the Hydra (Portal 2 and Surgeon Simulator 2013) as well as some Wii games (namely Metriod Prime 3 and Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition) I’m certain you can see how it could help make Trespasser’s infamous arm a fun and immersive mechanic.
    That and there are not enough games that use it… really it’s only Portal 2 and Surgeon Simulator 2013 as far as I know, that’s just sad for such an amazing piece of tech.

    Again I don’t know if this would be difficult to do, or if it would even work with the gameplay you have already planed out, meaning you’d have to redesign a lot to “finished” stuff.

    Thank you for reading,
    and good luck with the rest of this project! 🙂

    • It would be good, the Hydra looks pretty cool.

      It depends on if the engine will allow it, thats all.

  10. I think it would be cool to add a stealth mechanic, like you could grab a hold of a tree or wall and hide behind it. Or throw a rock to make the Dino think your in another direction. Or something like that anyway. Maybe some new dinosaurs could be added like compsognathus or dilophosaurus, that’d be cool. Keep up the great, good, awesome, and god like work your doing. Ever since I heard about this I just wanted to give ya a pat on the back, this is what I’ve been wanting for a very long time.

    • Stealth will be as detailed as hiding in bushes and walking quietly. Throwing rocks and objects is already in Trespasser, so will be in this too. There are plans to add new dinosaurs too.

  11. Duu, dats amazing stuff, im confused! Wow, its look pretty cool, juz… oh shit! I’ll support u for sure! Holy crap u rock!

  12. You still alive man? Been awhile since the last update, coincidentally titled “I’m still alive” lol.

  13. you posted the last post few months ago, Is this awsome project really dying?

  14. Give a man break. He has personal life too you know. It’s an indie project so he is doing it all for free. Lack of updates doesn’t mean this project is dead.
    Besides couple new screens of the town were taken 🙂

    • No one’s harping on him or anything, so nothing to “give him a break” from really. We were just curious what he’s been up to or if he’s taking a sabbatical from the project. I do see the new screens though 🙂

  15. Hello, I recently read one of your older posts about the games controls and mechanics. The Razor Hydra would work great for controlling the arm(s).

    Also your idea about Anne fumbling about with her guns to show that she’s inexperienced, and have her get faster over time? I have a more impressive idea, what if the reloading worked like Gears of war, where if you push the reload button a second time during the animation it would, depending on your timing:
    A: finish the reload (almost) instantly, saving you several seconds, or
    B: make the gun jam, costing you a lot of time.
    If you don’t press reload a second time the animation plays normally.

    I like this system, and think it would fit well in a survival-horror-eske game like trespasser, do you play it safe and let the long reload animation play, or risk a jam to get it over with right now? every gun requires different timing, and there’s no HUD to tell you when to press reload that second time, the player has to experiment with it him/herself. On the easier difficulty settings the window of opportunity is larger, but in the same place.

    This means that when the gun jams, it’s completely the player’s fault, not some random event in the games code.

    • I would be more interested in a system that required physical movement. So if a motion controller was used, the player would need to shake it rapidly, or in a particular motion to speed up the reload process. That way the more active a player is (and perhaps more acurate the motion), the more they’re rewarded. Correct timing is a bit of an annoyance, and reminds me of modern games that feature those action sequences where you simply have to hit the right button at the right time in order to progress. in other words, the whole Jurassic Park game 🙂

  16. It certainly would be nice to get any sort of update after 2 months. Especially for those of us who have donated to this cause. The last update seemed worried about the state of the project, so we are understandably concerned when we haven’t heard anything since.

    • I’ve been working on this for a few years now, so a month or two with no news is hardly worrying. Some mods go without updates for 6 months to a year. Also there has been no mention of any kind threat to the future of the project. Dont twist words to add drama, it doesn’t offer anything positive or make me any less busy than i am.

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