Pine Valley

Just a quick shot of Pine Valley.

Pine Valley WIP

The mote is made from decals, lots of decals. There are about 160 decals in total, which seems like overkill, but there is no other way of texturing the terrain. I will eventually use an actual model as there are some issues with the terrain triangulation, which causes a crinkle effect. This is something that can be easily fixed in other engines by simply flipping the triangulation of the polys, but not here.

All the roads are somewhat temporary. Their position will be finalized once i start adding vegetation and rocks etc, then i’ll notice if they are positioned correctly. I will also change the road texture for the actual road texture from Trespasser.

The end of Pine Valley had to modified so it joins up correctly with the start of the Labs / Harbor. Because Pine Valley was cut from the retail game, the start of the Labs was made to look like it was a continuation of the Town / Dam. So right at the start there is a wall and gate behind you, and it looks like your coming down the side of the mountain. You can just make out in this pic where the road curves up to meet where that gate / wall is.

The Power Pylons will continue all the way into the Harbor and end at a small power station near the small white house. This will then branch off into some smaller wooden power poles that will supply power to the warehouses and other harbor buildings, and also feed into another set of larger pylons that lead up the hill and to the Labs.

There are some small changes being made at this stage to improve the terrain as well as the positioning of roads and power pylons, to make it more realistic and flow better. I wont be making any radical changes till Stage 3, where ill be adding lots of new stuff and upping the detail and density of objects and vegetation.

The vegetation throughout this end of the island will eventually be changed to pines, redwoods and oaks etc, but for now its just the low detail hill trees that are on the tops of the hills and out of reach areas. Some of these will remain a they are great filler and help to add a bit of variety, but for the most part it will be northern species.

In Stage 3, I will be adding some tar pits, sulphuric pools and perhaps some steaming geysers to freshen it up. On the top of the hill to the right of where the dino bone yard is (in the distant fog, gap in the trees), will have some sulphuric rock pools that feed into the dried up creek that runs down towards the coast. These will offer a bit of variety and realism to the environment and add a bit of danger as well.

As far as puzzles go, i dont know if i will be adding any for this stage. If i do, it will simply be a button inside the control room that powers up the plant (sounds will play, fans will spin) and lowers the draw bridges and allows access to the Harbor / Labs.

I still have a shit load of work to do, im not yet finished with the earlier levels, i just moved on for a change from working on jungles.

Once i get more of the level filled out, ill post some more shots.

Stay tuned 🙂

~ by newoldmate on 05/11/2013.

5 Responses to “Pine Valley”

  1. Great to see and hear you are working on this side of the island. In particular Pine Valley, wich not everyone is even familiar with.
    Just wondering, have you found a suitable pine tree to use yet?

  2. Dude! I’d really kill for a chance to navigate through your levels!!
    I love what your doing!

    Is there a chance you could upload a few more screenshots ? They make me so happy.

  3. Excellent. My FAVORITE area.

  4. I found a Download of the pine valley level and beta but have no idea how to download it and it won’t open when I do and it sucks. I’m the most computer unsavvy computer guy in the world, what’s a rar file and what kinda computer and requirements would I need to play this and your version once it’s done? I was thrilled when I stumbled across this being done and can’t wait to see the finished project

    • Rar files are a compressed file, like a Zip file. A program takes a large file and compresses it to make it smaller. Its then stored inside the Rar or Zip file. You will need a program like WinRar to open it. To run my project you will need a system with about 4gb of ram, a decent multi core CPU, and a fairly new video card. If your computer can run the game Crysis(1) nicely, it will run this just fine. I recommend signing up at TresCom for info on how to run custom levels in Trespasser. There is also a lengthy thread in the Level Design forum about this project.

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