Harbor – WIP

A new pic of the Harbor.

Harbor - WIP

I’ve added a gradient along the coastline into the ocean, to mask the issue of the coast being higher here than the southern end of the island.

Because the original levels were separate, you could never notice that the ocean level changes. I’ve added some rock pools to give the appearance of a low tide, which helps explain why the boat is stranded near the docks.

I still need to add more rocks, decorative objects, terrain decals and a new “pine forest” terrain texture, but its getting pretty close to finished.

~ by newoldmate on 07/11/2013.

2 Responses to “Harbor – WIP”

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the updates man!

    By the way, I’m assuming you know much more about it than me. What’s with the new CryEngine that will be coming out? I heard Crytek isn’t going to call it CryEngine 4 because it’s so different from previous versions, is that necessarily a good or bad thing for PC game developers such as yourself? Are you aware or familiar with any of the new feature implementations that are going to be apart of it? Just wondering man, thanks for your time.

  2. Nice workaround. The harbour looks great from this view.

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