Pine Valley Coast – Old & New

I’ve had quite a bit of free time to work on the project today.. πŸ™‚

Here’s a comparison with the coastline from the Pine Valley Beta, and my new version that links up with the start of the retail Lab / Harbor level.

PV Coast - Old

PV Coast - New

~ by newoldmate on 07/11/2013.

5 Responses to “Pine Valley Coast – Old & New”

  1. Nice; maybe you should add more pines? It would match the retail pic better… And it’s called Pine Valley for a reason, right? lol
    It’s REALLY nice to see you back. πŸ˜‰

  2. Nice to see a working stream, it realy add to the atmosphere. And a passabe bridge without having to fiddle around. Such relief πŸ™‚

    • The water looks really good in motion. Its made up of real time particles that follow the contour of the stream and have pooling and spraying properties relevant to their velocity. There are also some “splash” type particles I’ve placed at points where the water might crash and splash up a little. Its a pretty simple effect, but it looks really nice. There is a bit of a performance hit, but I think this is mainly because I have the draw distance set high on them, so they don’t “pop up” out of nowhere as you approach. I had to do that because in the Jungle Road level, the waterfall near the plantation house was visible from quite a distance and it looked really bad when it just popped into view when you got close enough. During normal gameplay it shouldn’t be an issue, its really only because I’m able to fly about in the editor and see a lot more of the map, which slows things down a bit. Those bridges just didn’t work in the original (beta) game. Not sure how they were intended to work (little flappy gates at either end I think), but here i might just keep things simple and make it so that its the big wooden gate between PV and the Harbor that is locked and won’t open till the power is on. Saves me from coming up with realistic draw bridges. Players will be able to walk ahead and go right up to the gate, but will need to get into the geothermal plant first and boot it up before they can move on. I’m really loving this area of the island. Its a refreshing change from jungles tropical plants.

  3. Incredible work! I can only imagine how better it would look in motion !

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