Mighty Fine Pines

I think the North end of the island is going to be my favorite part to work on.

Harbor Start

This is the start of the Harbor level. I haven’t got a Triceratops model yet, so the Rex is on his own for now.

Pine Valley End

The dark 4×4 will be a Triceratops (scale is about right too) and to the right is a white InGen vehicle.

~ by newoldmate on 09/11/2013.

13 Responses to “Mighty Fine Pines”

  1. Picture one – serious goosebumps! I remember that part very well… “Oh crap – only one road to follow and there’s a t-rex on it!! Crapcrapcrap…”

    Picture two – i love the cascading waterfalls and the rust on the pylons. This creek was dry back in the day, wasn’t it? Not sure if this your addition or remake, but most of these riverbeds were empty. (And a pain in the arse to get out of once you get in!)

    • The river bed in this pic has a section that makes it easy to get out of, the one before this does not, so I’ll have to include one otherwise players will be stuck. There’s a lot of unfinished aspects to Pine Valley.

  2. Both screenshots are amazing ! The water addition in the riverbeds is a great touch !

  3. Looks great man. Whats up with your teammates, maybe a new model or a little peek into music? πŸ™‚

    • Music won’t happen till the final stages. As it will be adaptive and background music that’s not too distinctive to fill in between the highlight tracks from the original game. The lovely feeling of hearing a new track kick in was highlighted by the lack of music throughout the rest of the game. The original Tomb Raider was the same, and if you haven’t already played that, I highly recommend it as it was a brilliant game with some amazing music.

  4. Gorgeous!
    Nice solution on the winding road. It’s connected to the ‘start’ of the harbour level. Is it still possible to follow the cliffs along the sea in your version?

    • Nah. Because the only way onto the Harbor is through the gate, players need to power up the gate by booting up the geothermal first, so I can’t allow players to go that way. I used the raised hills from the retail map to naturally block it off. You can walk back over from the Harbor side as its not too steep. I ran the power pylons over the hill with a nice gap through the trees and it looks great.

  5. Outstandind. Yep, I’m loving this part of the island too. Much more interesting than jungle….but, got to love jungle too.

  6. Awesome dude keep at it πŸ˜€

  7. Hey, I know that probably you won’t see this, but I’ve been following your work on this project almost since it all started, and your work has inspired me, I’ve had this “idea” from a long time, but it’s your work what has given me the enough enthusiasm to actually start doing this. I’m sure the Trespasser Community (and probably the Jurassic park franchise fans, both books and movies) will like it, or at least find it interesting.

    All I can say is… “I’m going on a trip to Isla Sorna”

  8. It makes me sad that i don’t have a pc capable of running this and never will so i will just live on for the rest of my days knowing that this masterpiece exists and i cant play it.

    • If your computer can run Crysis, you can run this. Stage 1 is going to be very basic and aimed at lower spec machines. Stage 2 and 3 will be a step up in terms of memory requirements, but will probably still run, just with a lot of virtual memory lag. I plan on making certain details only available for certain specs, so depending on the spec chosen, you will get more or less details.

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