Pine Valley Preview

I know i said i wouldn’t post again till i got my new PC together, but i’m sure you wont mind.

The Pine Valley shots i’ve been posting, are after the Geothermal Plant along the coast before the Harbor. This area is nice, but its got nothing on the bulk of the level which takes place before the Geothermal Plant.

I always thought the Beta version of Industrial Jungle was one of the prettiest levels in the game. The Town would have to remain my favorite level overall, but Pine Valley has taken top spot for best looking. I haven’t played the level much due to the amount of bugs and unfinished puzzles. The seesaw and rotating bridges are broken, the Geothermal Plant is broken, and some of the geography looks to have been hacked up by someone not experienced with the editor. Perhaps a last minute attempt to get it into the final game rather than scrapping it altogether?

My version of Pine Valley will see quite a bit of new detail and updates, even in Stage 1. The level is begging for extra detail and those long dried up creek beds were thirsty for some river action:

Pine Valley Preview

In the middle of that shot, there are two somewhat open valleys at the top of the hill. The valley on the left is where the large dino skeleton can be found, and the valley on the right will feature a series of sulphuric hot springs and perhaps a geyser. This will feed into the river below, which makes its way down to a pool just before the road opens up to the Geothermal Plant. I’m not sure if the valley on the right was accessible in the original game, I haven’t played it enough to be sure. You will be able to get to it in my version though, but the hot springs will be dangerous if you get too close.

There is still a tonne of detail to be added to this level. Rocks, small plants, textures, decals and water particles, but even at this early stage its looking pretty nice.

You may have noticed I’ve changed the way new posts are displayed on the front page. From now on they will feature a link you will need to click to view the rest of the post. This is not only to speed up the loading of the main page, but it also forces visitors to view each post on a separate page. This is the only way to ensure that visitors are viewing the ad’s. At the moment, the ads are not being seen unless people click on the title of the post, which many don’t because its all visible on the main page. I discovered my busiest and most profitable month was when every visitor was being directly linked to a particular post and not the main page.

I don’t want to sound like i’m chasing dollars, but i’m yet to receive a single dollar from the ads on this blog. All monthly payments are pending because in total, they fail to reach the minimum amount required before a payment is made.

Anyway, hope you like the shot, there’s better ones coming soon!

~ by newoldmate on 20/11/2013.

10 Responses to “Pine Valley Preview”

  1. I’m sorry if I’m being stupid, but where are the ads? I don’t have adblock, but I can’t see any ads on this website…

  2. i turned adblock off and i saw only one add at the bottom of the page… does it work with adds if one person keeps slicking and/or refreshin or do they count different ip addresses? here is a gif while you answer… 🙂

    • Not sure how the ads work. They are based on impressions and most likely keep track of unique views, probably via IP addresses.

      I was curious why over a one month period my earnings and impressions was so much higher. It was because the link to that particular post was being shared, so every visitor was seeing the ads.

      Hopefully the new setup will ensure more impressions.

    • Thx, for your tip i turned off adblock on this domain as well. Hope this helps newoldmate somehow because i dont understand how this ads work neither. 🙂

  3. Are you going to add 2 heliport bases at the start like in the demo?

    • No, they were only there for demonstration purposes. There will be a few new things, but nothing too different.

  4. I like the new view more way of posts. It makes skimming the frontpage really neat and clear to read. Now all posts have somewhat of the same length. It looks good and works good. I’d say, well done!

  5. I just found this site, I have to say I will be sharing it.

  6. Even in the unfinished stage one pic above….it’s…….it’s so much better. Incredible how the placement of all those trees make such an impact. I can’t even begin to conceive how great this project is anymore. Let alone stage two- never mind stage 3!! Hell, if you squint it looks like a real place.

    Hmmm, you may need to alter your radio-lan towers by placing the shack upon a higher-made scaffold. But, nosure, and one thing at a time, right?

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