Business, I’m in it!

Okay I’ve got the sandbox working as well as Crysis itself.

Performance is amazing, settings at full, running stupidly smooth!

The editor is even better. My interface is now fixed, the missing menus from the bottom of the layout are back to normal (omg), and visuals and performance is incredible. I never had motion blur like this before in the editor!

There is just a small issue I need to address by re-installing Crysis in a different directory.

For some unknown reason, Crysis installed by default into the “Program Files (x86)” directory, which Windows will not allow any modification of. Even as admin with full permissions, it won’t allow it. That’s funny, I own this computer… Hmm..

The problem lies in the way security tokens are handled. If I load up the editor, it loads it as a regular user, not as admin, so when I try to save the map or even generate a surface texture, it counts this as trying to write or modify, which it won’t allow. If I run the editor as Admin its fine, but this means running through bat files won’t work unless I define “run as admin” in the command line.

This would also apply to any application outputting files into the Crysis directory. 3DS Max, Photoshop, CrazyBump, etc.

Its simpler if I just move the Crysis installation to the regular Program Files directory.

This shit was driving me crazy. Even just modifying my bat files to point towards the new 64bit executables, I couldn’t save them. It would keep coming up “access denied”. Much hair pulling and abuse was thrown about.

Shouldn’t be long now, installation at about 50%.

It will be interesting to see if the editor crashes every 10 minutes like it used to..

Exciting 🙂

Oh great.. It installed back in the x86 directory.. Seriously WTF.

It defaults any installation that contains any 32bit files to that Directory. Great.

I forgot to mention, right clicking on a program and changing compatibility to always run as admin is not available. All options are greyed out.

~ by newoldmate on 22/11/2013.

6 Responses to “Business, I’m in it!”

  1. Try disabling UAC. It’s probably OK if you don’t run unknown executables…
    Worst case scenario, just reinstall Windows. It can be quite finicky.

  2. Great news…so i might have to upgrade myself as well as i dont think, when first sections finished, that it will run on my system..looks like i’ll need an upgrade as well 😛

  3. Hi. You could try to add the user “everyone” with read and write access to the crysis program folder since this folder is restricted by default. Then you should be able to use the “run as admin” option. If not then simply create a shortcut to the executable – with this the admin option should be abailable.

    For your bat files you could also consider to use the “runas” command (admin user). But then you will need to type in the password for your admin account (if you have set one).

    • Its all good.
      I restarted the computer and it was no longer greyed out. Bizarre.

      I was never prompted to restart, it just wasn’t working, now it is.

      Its the Windows Way!

  4. Glad everything turned out ok! Did you installed win7 on a normal sata 3 drive or did you manage to get a small ssd instead ? I know i have already suggested this but…really it helps a lottttt.

    • I can’t afford any new gear right now. I’ve got 4x 500gb drives, and these will be fine for the time being. It would be nice I agree, but not just yet.

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