New PC, but..

I got my new PC up and running yesterday afternoon, it looks very freaking cool with the big black tower spewing out red light through the twin front fans, but its not without its issues.

It all went together quite smoothly, but my PSU has a rather unusual fault that I never knew existed till now. The motherboard requires an 8 pin power supply for the ATX12v, and because my PSU doesn’t have an 8 pin, I just use the two 4 pins right? Wrong.

One of the 4 pin power cables had the wrong plug fitted to it at the factory! Luckily I was able to call a local PC shop and get a 4 to 8 adapter cable, which just draws more power from the one cable. Luckeee!

Once booted, I had to install my video drivers again and also my obscure and old wireless network card.

After a brief play, it was obvious the new system was fast. Even hard drive access was drastically improved, due to the motherboard supporting much faster sata speeds than my old one. Even download speeds were faster, despite my old network card.

Naturally the first thing I wanted to try was of course the high detail island you seen in the fly through video, so I booted up the Crysis editor, Sandbox2.


Crashed right before opening while “Initializing Views”.
I figured it was video driver related, so i downloaded the latest catalyst, but still no good. I tried several fixes I read, but I’ve been unable to get it working.

I’ve just finished installing Windows 7 64bit, which was a very lengthy process from USB, as I no longer have a DVD drive because the motherboard only supports sata connections. Doh. A new CD/DVD/bluray drive is on the list!

Now I have the long and laborious task of installing my apps again, possibly having to source 64bit versions. I really hope my Lightroom collection can be saved or transferred… Uhhh… So many photos.

Before that though, I need to get my network card sorted again, then download 64bit video drivers.

I’ll let you know as soon as I get it up and running. I’ve got high hopes due to the performance I get in Crysis3 and the CE3 editor, which was always slower than CE2. I reckon I should be able to play at the resolution the video was recorded, so I can record some videos of exploring from the players perspective.

Fingers crossed!

~ by newoldmate on 22/11/2013.

3 Responses to “New PC, but..”

  1. Hope everything goes well! I cant wait until your done! Trespasser really did deserve a good remake. I got all my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed! And i hope everything goes well!

  2. aww crap man… but i don’t think you’d appreciate it as much as you do now if it all worked flawlessly from the first moment. my first pc assemble… aaah… it took 2 weeks before all parts arrived because the only shop in my small city in my small country had none of the components i specified so they had to pull from other shops allover country. then when finally i received all parts and assembled everything – motherboard was dead. and the next one took roughly a month to arrive.

    but the feeling when that sucker got those huge icy blue fans lit up – sheer happiness!

    • I’ve been through this countless times. Smoothest pc build ever for me. Sandbox not working is just confusing though. Reinstalling crysis 64bit version now. Fingers crossed!

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