Whats happening.

Just a quick update to let you know what im doing.

Stage 1 is not too far away, but i dont think it will be finished before Xmas. There’s still a bit of work to do, but its just tree placement and basic decal and texture stuff. This still takes time though, and im trying to be accurate and make it as good as i can with basic assets from Crysis. I’m always surprised how nice it can look with such little effort.

Right now I’m in the middle of sorting out some stuff for Stage 2/3. My new PC has opened up a whole lot of new possibilities, so im exploring a few things before i make a start. This includes the new CryEngine and a new full size heightmap. When i say full size, i mean exactly the same size as Trespasser.

I was surprised at just how much bigger Trespasser’s levels were compared to what ive been using. The first island i used (which you see in the Flythrough video), was scaled down 10% from levels extracted from Trespasser, and rotated 45 degrees to fit inside a 4096×4096 heightmap. For Stage 1, i used the same levels, but scaled them back up 10% and gently massaged some of the unseen coastline to squeeze it in.

This new heightmap is 8192×8192 (8.192 kilometres) and to get the scale correct, i extracted all the Walls and Sidewalk from Trespasser’s Town and using barrels and other objects, matched it exactly to the players height. I had to import several different heightmaps before i got the scale right, but in the end i had to scale it up a further 18% over what im using in Stage 1. Its a pretty huge increase, but once in game, its immediately obvious that’s its correct. That huge sense of scale that Trespasser has is finally replicated here. This new island is 28% bigger than the island seen in the Flythrough video!

For this new island im also using 100% unmodified levels. The levels used up till now have had poly reduction scripts applied and had other modifications made for easier editing, and just so they could load into my old version of Lightwave. Now im using MAX, so i dont have to worry about vertice or poly limits.

I’m just finishing off the island mesh in 3DS Max so i can render a heightmap and import it into the engine. I forgot just how much work went into the first island mesh i made.

I wish i had this computer two years ago, things would be a lot different today, that’s for sure. But i’ve learned a lot about Trespasser, CryEngine and editing in general, so its not such a bad thing.

Stay tuned for another update in the next few days and possibly some new screens if i get things sorted.

~ by newoldmate on 05/12/2013.

9 Responses to “Whats happening.”

  1. I’m glad to see the computer is doing wonders for you. Keep up the hard work.

  2. That’s an exciting update right there. Nice to hear you are doing well. Seems you are enjoying working on the project a lot more with your new PC. Also great to hear what a potential outlook of the project could be, due to the new possibilities made available with the new sorft- and hardware.
    As always, Stoked for the new update!

  3. Might I acquire the link to that video? I cannot seem to find it in your older articles…

  4. Would stage 1 be available for download or the plan is releasing the game as a whole once it’s done?

    • Yep. As soon as its done I’ll post it for download. Stage 1 is very basic and there are going to be some changes soon, but it will be something fun for people to walk around and explore. I’ll add some extras like vehicles, a helicopter etc, so people can see how the whole island ties together, but it won’t be to stage 2 that it become a real game.

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