How about some more shots?

From the South end of the island:

From The South End

From the North end:

From The North End

Geothermal Power Plant:

Geothermal Power Plant

Overlooking Jungle Road:

Overlooking Jungle Road

~ by newoldmate on 13/12/2013.

13 Responses to “How about some more shots?”

  1. That first picture, my God!

  2. Shut up and take my money. πŸ™‚

  3. Love the power plant…
    And that is Stage 1… I suspect that even your new computer will blow up due to level of details of planned Stage 2 and 3…

  4. Do i spy, on the second picture, the Lab complex? πŸ™‚

    • Yep. Very basic temp structures for now. Still a bit of work to be done on them.

  5. Brilliant work!
    Sorry if you’ve already answered this, but can you guess at the system requirements for each of the stages? I’m guessing the final stages will be about Crysis-level, but before that?

  6. So, the canon of the original Trespasser game is followed; the island does look its Trespasser counterpart size (5kms or so).

    The game also cites bankruptcy as the main reason why the island was abandoned, as opposed to the novel and movie canon, in which the Hurricane alone forced the evacuations; I suppose that could (partially) explain why most of the structures had little fornitures and instruments and why most buildings were scrapped of their parts (the monorail, I suppose).

    Tho one good aspect change from the original Trespasser, at least looking at the 1st picture, will be the deletion of the hilarious scene while almost at the Summit, where Anne comments about being able to see the whole Costa Rica from up there, just to look down and see nothing but white for unloaded models and textures.

    • The island size is pretty close, but in areas like the town, it became clear that it was still not the same size. It won’t matter for this version though, people will still enjoy walking around exploring.

      From an editing perspective its not right. The coastline is right on the edges of the heightmap, not allowing any drop off into deeper ocean, the lowest terrain height is not low enough, meaning the ocean floor can be seen when your up on the mountain summit. I’ve tried to paint it with darker colours, but its still visible.

      Its about 6 kilometer’s long and 3 at its widest.

      The island I’ll be using for stage 2 is 18% bigger.

      The Island was abandoned and stripped of anything valuable. Locked buildings were probably pretty safe though. The island was also hit by a hurricane, which is not very evident in the original game, and over a long period, the debris would mostly be gone, with only over turned machinery or damage buildings being the remaining evidence.

      I think one of the real joys will be when players finally reach the summit and can look out over the whole island. Only really the larger tree species are visible the entire distance, and also any really large rocks, roads and structures.

      • When you will release the stages, will you do it in a close manner, or anyone will be able to modify anything if they know the editor?

        If you still have the modder colleague of yours would you post some of his work as well? The car earlier was awesome, does he has something new maybe?

      • Not sure if I will release the .cry file.

        The last thing I want to see is numerous versions of stage 1 appearing everywhere for download, with different modifications and alterations, then people emailing me asking how to use it or why it won’t work.

        At the same time, I’d love to see people finish it, releasing model packs and possibly even Dino’s and flowgraphs for controls and weapons etc.

        I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet, I might just wait till I’m done with stage 2/3 and then release everything for stage 1 and let people do what the like with it.

        Stage 1 has a certain simplistic charm I’m sure some people will prefer.

        I’m working on this by myself for the moment, so nothing new to show.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful

  8. Absolutely beautifull shots!

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