Another Comparison

Hope you dont mind all the posts.

Now that im nearing the end, things are looking better all the time.


Water Hole - Old


Water Hole - New

You’ll notice the water hole is deeper in the original. This is because of the difference in heightmap size and also the poly reduction scripts i used, altered some details after it combined certain polys. So this water hole, Wu’s pool and other details are a bit off will need fixing.

Also, in the original, you can only see to the top of the pines, and not the mountain above.

I can only imagine how good scenes like this will look in the next stage.

~ by newoldmate on 16/12/2013.

11 Responses to “Another Comparison”

  1. Don’t mind all the posts at all, the more the merrier!

    By the way, was just curious, I know you are splitting the project up into 4 stages, but what exactly is each stage going to entail? Ever consider writing a post about that maybe? Like what stage will dino models be introduced, or dino models with AI. Or maybe what stage sound effects will come into play, or puzzles and things like that. I know what the rough guesstimation for the ETA of each stage is, but I’m curious to know what to expect (or roughly expect, rather) with each new stage after Stage 1.

    You’re doing great man!

    • Glad you like em, plenty more to come!

      I made a post about the different stages a while back, when i first changed over to a staged development:

      There has been some changes to those plans and will be more to come which i will explain later on.

      • Oh sweet thank you! I was almost dead certain that I had seen that post before, but I was looking at the post from July when you initially announced your plan to divide it up and thought I must have been crazy lol.

        I get pretty excited when I see a new email about a new post from here, I check throughout the day to see if there’s anything more. I especially love the ones that get really into the technical talk, even i I can’t 100% understand it haha.

        Will be very much looking forward to seeing the post in the future with the updated plans! I’ve been spreading the word about this game to people IRL and online alike, and there’s something to be said for having one guy with a meticulous attention to detail and passion for the game handling the reins on his own, no matter how much longer it takes or how tedious it is. You’re doing an awesome job man, blows my fucking mind this is one guy doing all of this on his own in his spare time. Glad I can say I was following this since 2012.

      • Thanks man, it means a lot. Would you believe this project started initial concepts in 2007, but as a homebrew Nintendo DS project? πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m with twitchy – I can’t wait to beta test it πŸ˜› Would indeed be awesome if you could give us more info on what the 4 stages entail.

    Each time you post a screenie of the old game, I get all nostalgic and fuzzy on the inside.

  3. Hahaha I really do know that feeling, planning and designing something, but having to wait years until it comes to fruition. I wish I was skilled with Blender or even 3DSMax so I could offer you my services, but by the time I’d become proficient enough to even have a chance, this project will probably be long over.

    I’m glad to see you made the switch to PC though, I know I don’t need to tell you of all people, that the possibilities are the most limitless out of any platform available right now and it’s amazing to see something like this being done. Most people give up long before this point, so your resolve in seeing this through to the end is impressive to say the least.

    Have you had any interest from any programmers or modelers? There’s a project called Jurassic Genetics (They were called Jurassic Park Operations until a couple of days ago but they applied for a license from Universal and Uni wouldn’t give them one since they’re not a legitimate game studio, but said they loved the project and look forward to seeing it completed regardless) and the guys at JG seem to be pumping out high quality models every other day, so it leads me to believe someone with enough skill could whip up the models needed for this game in a fairly short amount of time. I don’t know how much more difficult, or not difficult texturing is, but it seems like that would require someone else with that particular skill set.

    Have you considered putting this project on I’m assuming you are already aware of the website, and have considered it, but what has stopped you? If people saw the island you already have and what you are doing with it, compounded by the fact that it’s been one guy, AND add to the fact that you employ regular, detailed updates, I have absolutely no doubt it would be a hit and increase the exposure of this project by quite a bit, unless you’re purposely trying to keep it low key.

    A guy spent an afternoon making a demo for a Jurassic Park sequel that takes place a few days after the events of the first movie, it wasn’t even that impressive, just the visitors center and interior, not THAT well done, and it suddenly got thousands of Youtube views and media coverage on numerous gaming websites such as IGN and others. It also rose pretty high in the overall rankings for popular mods, just for that one thing. The guy, to no surprise, largely abandoned it after that, with no updates in the last 9 months. Bias aside, your work absolutely shits all over anything he made, so I’m highly confident you could find a skilled programmer or modeler or whatever else you need on there.

    • If I remember correctly he wasn’t that stoked on the other projects. Which had all kinds of reasons. As far as help from other people goes, I am certain he does things his own way. Even taking the time to completely learn something new in order to conceive something on his own. But he did have help from someone on sound/music.

      He knows about, as of now the coverage is mouth to mouth. I think it has to do with a balance of legal stuff and pressure / coverage (annoyance from people asking the same questions and asking already answered questions).

      The ‘guy’ you are talking about is / was a TresCom regular. His project was whipped up in a matter of hours over the course of a couple of days. As far as I know he discontinued these.

  4. If you ask me Site B doesn’t need higher level of details – this works just fine and allows high FPS. It just need some more objects and polishing in areas like town etc. and some new areas to explore that weren’t in the game but were included in the book or movie (like Bird Cage πŸ™‚ )

    BTW. The best picture ever posted on this blog πŸ™‚

  5. Looks awesome as always.

    I’m curious, do you have any objects/buildings on the top of the mountain from the very last level of the game? Like the windmills and such? πŸ™‚

    • Nothing yet.

      I’m not sure if ill import some models or make some hacks out of stuff from Crysis. Time will tell.

  6. Keep the posts coming!

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