Jungle meets Pine

This is the space between Industrial Jungle and Pine Valley.

The power lines run from the Geothermal Plant over into Industrial Jungle and onto the Town. This area between is a merging of different vegetation species. It may not be realistic to have palms and pines so close together in-land, but i think we can let it slide here.

I’ve been using a new Time Of Day for the last couple of shots. This one is a bit more glamorous, but its certainly a nice change from the previous one which was setup to looks as close (and boring) to the original game.

Jungle meets Pine

Edit: I’ve updated this photo, as it was taken before this area and what you can see of Pine Valley was finished.

~ by newoldmate on 16/12/2013.

4 Responses to “Jungle meets Pine”

  1. I didnt even notice, so for me it looks great. 🙂

  2. Looks nice indeed. This new TOD looks very vibrant. Very exciting seeing all these new screenshots.
    Btw, that road in the picture, is that the new road from ‘cull the sack’ to an alternate pine valley entrance?

    • That road is in Pine Valley and is ascending the hill to the starting gate. This area the photo was taken from can’t normally be reached, but as its an open area (cleared for the power lines) and can be seen from the top of the waterfall you jump down from in IJ, i thought i should probably detail it.

      • Thanks elaborating on that one. Did the powerlines stand close or in the same spots as in the original or did you have to change the setup to make it work?

        Everytime you post a picture i try to visualise the spot where it was taken from. Sometimes i open the map you made with all the roads and places on it (topdown map with the orange roads), that really helps getting a feeling for the whole island. Especially now the island looks so rich and the views are stretchting far and wide, it is sometimes a tad hard to understand the whereabouts. Tier 1 is much of the same but in the same time a whole new ballgame in itself.

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