Models, Models, Models

I’ve been importing more models. Yay.

Now that Stage 1’s finish line is almost in sight, it’s time to get things looking a bit better.

Plane Tail:


White Ute:




Beach Construction:


Tool Shack:


Some don’t have any normal / detail maps applied yet, i may or may not add them depending if i have time.

~ by newoldmate on 21/12/2013.

8 Responses to “Models, Models, Models”

  1. Moving steadily along per usual…..

    Do you plan on upping the poly count on any of these (the more detailed models in particular) in phase 1 at all? For example: Cheap, quick geometry to create an engine block for the UTE’s? Or does all that come later on down the line. I remember the high-poly chevy ute that was in progress and I must say……..I can’t wait!:)

    • Nah, as it is getting the models imported can be a pain in the butt. CryEngine2 has a limit of 32 materials per model. The bus had about 42, so I had to combine a heap and mirror some. Its a really fiddly and sometimes time consuming process. A model with less than 32 is really easy, no extra work needed, just create a material file, merge extra vertices. Things will only get better, once I start importing trees into the new CryEngine, it will look amazing.

  2. “Now that Stage 1′s finish line is almost in sight”. Consequently i think about a release in the not so distant future. 🙂 If that is true remains to be seen.
    I want to remark on said release, there will probably be two types of communication; people wanting to ask questions and people giving feedback after playing. The first one, i think, could be assisted with a FAQ. And for the second one, have you thought about where you want to recieve the feedback (ie. Here on the blog, on the Trescom forums, or through email)?

    As an example how to give feedback, the five ‘W’ system; Who or what is it about, What happened, When did it take place, Where did it take place, Why did it happen?

    For example, when i give feedback to projects (bèta’s / steam early acces) I start the sentance or subject with a issuetag (ie. [sound], [texture], [programming]). So; [Texture]: Stretched texture of a rock. It took place when i was playing around with some building equipment in JR. It took place close to the utility shed (*inserted screenshot*). Why it took place i don’t know. Or; [Sound]: Waterfall sound not playing properly. Instead of a looping sound i hear a soundfile on repeat. It took place at the start of the last valley of IJ. It took place at the bottom of the big waterfall. I don’t know why it happened.

    Then again i can think of many other things you probably allready thought about 🙂

    Great screen shots on those iconinc area’s!
    As many others i am very hyped to finally set foot on the Island to do some exploring.

    Stay awesome!

  3. So just so I’m clear on the procedure, you’re using the exact models that were used in the original Trespasser and importing them into CryEngine? I’m guessing the reason is to give things a placeholder so when the custom detailed models come in, they will just replace the original models? I’m quite surprised at how decent the models look already. Maybe it’s because they are surrounded by a much newer, better looking environment, but some of the Trespasser assets actually look better to me than they did in the original came.

    Stage 1 is so close I can almost taste it, especially after the amount of time put into the project so far!

    • Yeah that’s right.

      Every tree on the island can be replaced with just a couple of clicks, other objects are almost as easy.

      But now because I’m switching engines after I release this stage, I’ll be kind of starting fresh again, so this won’t make stage two much easier, but I’ve learned a hell of a lot. I’ve also found a lot of things that needed to be fixed, and a fresh start was the best solution.

      Really what it all comes down to is finally having a good enough computer to make it properly. If I had this PC from day one, there wouldn’t have been so many setbacks.

      The models look great because they are a nicely textured considering the games age. The addition of detail and normal maps does wonders.

      Not much I can do about it though, as there are so many differences in map size and detail.

  4. Creating a game like this involves a lot of aspects . You are doing an amazing job but eventually you are going to need a little help to get all the aspects of it right (although I am starting to think you are one hell of a one-man-army ;). I am thinking about scripting, programming etc. The life-like behaving dinosaurs, the HUD, the weapons, game-play aspects, voice acting, sound effects, etc, etc..

    My question is: How is the team building gong for you? I would hate to see this project go to waste just because you can’t find the right people to help you out..

    Also, hope you can find some time to relax over Christmas 🙂 Cheers mate!

  5. Amazing work as always! Hope you could use some of the amazing work done as far as models go in the trescom forums…

  6. […] mod’s creator ‘newoldmate’ recently (today) posted on his blog that stage 1′s finish line is almost in sight and that “it’s time to get things […]

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